At (Redcar Past & Present) we are trying to locate/identify the owners/editors of the former weekly newspapers:- The Cleveland Standard, Redcar and Saltburn News, Redcar and Saltburn Gazette. We have to date tried many avenues but without success.
The accreditation’s to the newspapers throughout this site are from films the copyright of the British Library. i.e. They have copyright of their films, and advice should be sought before copying.
Should any person know the current owners or the last editor/owner of these newspapers please notify the web master of this site


   Now that Redcar Past & Present new site is up and running, it goes without saying that a
great deal of people over the last few months need to be thanked regarding the help they
have put my way. Sometimes it has been daily, and more than once in the day.
For keeping my site running with new software, and answering computer problems which are
beyond my experience, I wish to thank ‘all’ the staff at Yarm Computers, High Street, Yarm,
especially Dean Clarke.Next time you are looking for a computer/software, why not pay them a visit,
you may be surprised. Please do not forget to mention Redcar Past & Present.

   The next big thank you goes to my friend Fred Brunskill, who keeps me correct with dates and
information, but especially photographs old and new.
Chris Hansom for all his endless work with this site. (Thanks Chris)

   Thanks also go to Redcar Library staff, for the help and assistance given by the
staff finding documents and books for information from so long ago.
There is so much to browse over from the beginning of Redcar Past; it is so hard to keep up
with the present day.

  Without all your help, and of course the others that I have not mentioned along the way, (they know who they are) may I thank
you all for getting Redcar Past & Present up and running on a daily basis.
The information, help, and encouragement I have received from you all, has been overwhelming, and  is greatly appreciated

As we go along I will make further accreditation’s below to the person(s) media that have assist me along the way, maybe unknown to them

Aberdeen Maritime Museum.
Aberdeen Journal – The.
Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museum Collection.British Library
British Library
Cleveland Standard Newspaper.
Evening Gazette Newspaper.
Friends of Redcar Cemetery – The.
Herald & Post Newspaper.
Redcar, Coatham Literary Magazine.
Redcar Reference Library.
Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette.
Webb John. (see shipwreck Caledonia)












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