BUILDINGS – Line of Frontage King Street and Prospect Cottage

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 14/01/1870.

To the Editor of the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-
Sea Gazette this

                                                                        Redcar, Jan, 13th, 1870. 

Advance the line of frontage between
King Street and Prospect Cottage

Sir, I observe by your last impression that it is proposed to advance the line of frontage between King Street and Prospect Cottage, and I am decidedly of opinion that this be an improvement. If made under proper combinations; and I would advise the parties interested in the plans that have been approved by your Local Board of Health, to suspend further operations to those conditions have been settled; because it is a very important consideration in relation to this part of the Esplanade that any of buildings should present a solid as well as uniform front to the Esplanade. That this may be done it is indispensable that there should be a means of approach to the back of those new erections and the 816 buildings in High Street, in lieu of the present objectionable mode of leaving. At intervals of about every 15 feet a road of 9 feet wide acid approach to the back premises of the houses and shops in High Street. This would to a great extent save the waste of valuable property in approach roads, and be a permanent advantage to the property, raising its value more than 100 per cent, and repay any present sacrifice of such buildings as may stand in the way of the desired improvement. Therefore I think it would be to the interest, both of the town generally and to the lessees particularly, to reconsider the matter, and take the advice and assistance of some competent surveyor, and present a plan in accordance with my suggestion, to the Earl of Zetland and your Board of Health before taking any further proceedings upon the present plans.

            In common with many good wishes for the welfare of Redcar, thank you for your spirited and constant advocacy of the improvement of the town, to which you are meeting with many supporters, even on my own class of a simple.




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