COATHAM – Entertainment Coatham School Room

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by–Sea Gazette 24/02/1871.


            On Monday evening (20/02), the series of entertainments given in the Coatham School Room is brought to a close. The whole of the entertainments have been most successful, whether regarded in a pecuniary sense or as to the manner in which the pieces were given. Long before the time fixed for commencing on Monday, the room was well filled, and when the performance commenced many to be turned away, the room being filled to overflowing. Programme:- Part song, “The sun shines fair;” pianoforte solo, “, invitation a’ la danse,” Mr Wm. Brotherton; song, “The pilot’s daughter,” Miss Bulman; duet, quotes When the wind bloweth in from the sea,” Miss M. Bennison and Mr Nutley; reading, the trial scene from “Pickwick,” Mr Brown; pianoforte solo, “Gavotte in G minor and Minuet in G major,” Mrs Hugh Bell; glee, “Come o’er the brook; duet, “Together,” Miss Lace and the Rev. J. D. Wawn; pianoforte solo, “Negro dance,” Mr Schmitz; reading, “Dame Europa’s school,” the Vicar; song, “Though fortune darkly o’er me frowns,” Mr Johnson; duet, “The goddess Diana,” Mr Taylor and Mr Nutley; part song, “Good night, thou glorious sun;” the National Anthem. Miss Bennison and Mr Nutley Mr Schmitz, and Mr Johnson, were encored in the pieces set down for them. We understand that it is intended to give a concert shortly after Easter.


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