COATHAM – Runaway Bus Horses.

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 20/05/1875


     On Monday evening (15/05), the Swan Omnibus was up Coatham with a party from the railway station, and while the driver was delivering his passengers, the horses took fright and off. On the drivers seat was a young lad, named Ramshaw, holding the reins, but when the horses commenced their “freak” he was unable to check them, and they rushed on in their mad career until they came opposite Nelson’s Villas, when one of the wheels gave way, throwing the omnibus over on its side, and checking the further progress of the two animals. The boy was thrown onto the footpath, and when picked up was found to have sustained but little injury. It was fortunate that the runaways were checked so early after starting, for had they kept on their way it is doubtful that some serious consequences might have resulted.


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