COATHAM – Water supply for Coatham

Accreditation the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette 01/04/1870.


            A meeting of some of the principal householders of Coatham, Redcar, was held in the Lobster In, on Thursday (31/03) evening, Mr Jeremiah Head in the chair. The following resolutions were passed unanimously. :-

1. That the present supply of water to Coatham is unsatisfactory and that it is expedient to take immediate steps to remedy the evil.

2. That the following gentlemen the appointed a deputation to wait upon the directors of the Stockton and Middlesbrough Water Works Company, to induce them, if possible, to undertake the supply of courtroom on terms which are not prohibit0ry, or to sanction a negotiation with the Cleveland Water Company. The following word names of the deputation appointed :-

Mr. A. H. T. Newcomen, Mr. J. G. Swan, Mr. G. N. Duck, Rev. J. Davey, (Grammar School), Captain Hay, Mr. J. Head, Mr. C. J. Adams, Mr. T. Backhouse, Mr. T. Nelson, Mr Rutherford, and Dr Oliver (secretary to the deputation).


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