EVENT – Easter Festivities

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 09/04/1874


            The railway authorities having this year decided to run only two trains each way on Good Friday (03/04), and the is either early in the morning all late at night, the quiet of our local sea-side reports was almost unbroken. In previous years a train has been run at midday, and has proved very convenient for those who did not want to spend a whole day at the sea-side thus early in the spring. Service was held at Redcar parish church for morning and evening, also at the Convalescent Home Chapel, Coatham. In addition to the morning and evening services at Coatham parish church, the service known as the “Three hours’ agony,” commemorative of our Saviour VS suffering on the cross, was conducted from 12 to 3 o’clock, and was largely attended. The weather was fine, and not too cold for outdoor enjoyment. On Easter Monday (06/04), there was a great influx of excursionists principally from the neighbouring iron manufacturing towns, and they must have formed a somewhat curious opinion of the local tradesmen, fall, with the exception of the public houses and refreshment soups, all the places of business were closed. Apart from the pecuniary side of the question, it seems to us unwise for the shopkeepers to put up their shutters on a holiday like Easter Monday, thus preventing the visitors who flock into the place from obtaining any memento of their day’s excursion besides showing them the towns under their worst aspect. The weather was splendid on the whole, though two or three smart showers of rain fell in the latter part of the day. On Tuesday (07/04), there was a game a considerable number of visitors at Redcar and Coatham, and in the evening , Miss Emma Stanley gave her well-known entertainment, “The Seven Ages of Woman,” in the Central Hall, before a large audience.


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