EVENTS – Coatham Grammar School Athletic Sports

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 31/05/1878.


            The annual athletics boards of Sir. W. Turner’s Grammar School were held in Coatham Cricket Failed on Saturday afternoon (25/05), in the presence of the elite of the neighbourhood, and taking into consideration the uncertain state of the weather, were generally admitted to have been a great success. Clouds, at intervals in huge masses overhead; and the heavy showers that followed, drove all the ladies present into the Cricket Pavilion, in a series of fair strangers’ races of some 50 yards in length: the rewards for which were the choice of places in which to amuse themselves by watching their remorseless enemy in the rain having its revenge on the male portion of those present, whose garments were plentifully been sprinkled with those liquid gems, so beautiful in theory so on pleasant in practice. After the deluge, the useful and ornamental portion of creation troop force by sevens, and gladden the hearts of their soaking brethren with their bright smiles – the Sun doing the same for the outer covering of those unfortunate beings who were unprotected with other means of defence against the penetrating missiles of Jupiter Plavius. In the meanwhile, the boys were not idle, and, often exposed to a heavy shower of rain, displayed their athletic powers. At the conclusion of the sports, Mrs. Davey distributed. The prizes, which were both numerous and valuable, and thus ended amid the hearty cheers of the boys for the ladies’ present, and the stirring strains of the National Anthem, the long expected day.