Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the Sea Gazette 17/11/188.


          The stormy weather that commenced on Sunday (11/88) appeared to reach its climax on Monday night (12/88) and Tuesday morning (13/88), and the list of the shipping casualties upon all the British coasts and the shores of neighbouring seas is a long one.

          One of the most painful shipwrecks that has happened on the North-East Coast took place on Tuesday at the mouth of the river Tees, whereby not only was a vessel lost through the fury of the tempest, but owing to the violence of the waves and the impossibility there from of approaching the distressed vessel, her crew were drowned in the most cruel manner in the sight of a horrified crowd on shore, powerless to render succour. The vessel was found to be the brig “Granite” (Captain Leng), of West Hartlepool, from London, with loam.

          An inquest was held on Thursday morning (15/88). The Coroner after the jury had returned a verdict of “Accidentally drowned,” said he would write to the National Lifeboat Institution on the matter of placing a boat at the Snook, and also carry out what he had submitted to the jury with regard to the telegraphing from Seaton and the making of a road on the breakwater.


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