LAW & ORDER – Attempted Suicide at Coatham

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 26/03/1874.


            On Saturday morning (19/03), a man named William Earl, employed as a deliverer at the Ironworks, and residing in the High Street, Coatham, attempted to commit suicide by cutting his throat. He had been drinking heavily during the last fortnight, and was suffering from delirium tremens. Early on Saturday morning he had got out of bed and upturned a razor with which he inflicted this on his throat, There being no one in the room but a little child which occupied the same bed with him, and was asleep at the time. When found, about three o’clock, Earl was almost insensible from loss of love, and Dr Locke was immediately sent for, who, on his arrival, dressed the wound, and took possession of the razor. The unhappy man, who is unmarried, lay for some time in a most dangerous state, but is now progressing favourably towards recovery.


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