LAW & ORDER – Robberies from Hotel at Coatham

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 23/02/1877.


            At the Langbaurgh East Petty Sessions, on Tuesday (20/02), Ellen Hancock, of Redcar, married woman, was charged by Mr. George Hearse, licensed victualler, of Middlesbrough, with stealing two table knives and forks, to desert spoons, a teaspoon, and six glasses, from the Station Hotel, Coatham, where she had been employed as charwoman, Prisoner was remanded until Tuesday next (27/02). Mary J. Robinson (17) domestic servant was charged by the same prosecutor with stealing 7s.8d. from the cash-box at the above hotel. The girl had been employed out of charity, and was taken without a character. She was sentenced to 21 days imprisonment and after that period to be sent to a Reformatory for five years.

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 02/03/1877.


            At the Langbaurgh East petty sessions, on Tuesday (27/02), (before the Rev. Canon Yeoman, Dr. Merryweather, and R. Yeoman, Esq., Ellen Hancock, of Redcar, was brought up on remand, charged with stealing a number of articles from the Station Hotel, Coatham, the property of Mr. George Hearse, licensed victualler, of Middlesbrough. Elizabeth Ann Hearse, wife of the prosecutor, said the prisoner was employed at the station Hotel as a charwoman from the 1st of August until a week or two ago. During that period several articles of linen were missed. On the 19th of February, Police Sgt Alexander should witness a number of knives, forks, spoons, and glasses, which she now identified as the property of her husband. Elizabeth Hearing, barmaid at the hotel, said she knew the prisoner. The property produced, comprising glasses, towels, china jugs, class cloths, and a toilet cover, was the property of Mr. Hearse. Sarah Kennedy, wife of John Kerry, pawnbroker, Warrenby, stated that they commenced business in 1875, and since that time they had known the prisoner, who had pond many things with her. The whole of the articles prisoner was charged with stealing were formed at her husband’s shop. When the prisoner pawned the articles witness did not examine them closely, but she had since found marks upon the towels. On the 22nd of February, Police Sergeant came to the shop, and she took down all the articles pawned by the prisoner, and them to him. Geo. W. Sutton, assistant to the previous witness, said he had taken things inform from the prisoners daughter; and on 19th February Police Sergeant Alexander, a number of forks and spoons pawned by her. Police Sergeant Alexander spoke to apprehending the prisoner, who, on being charged, denied all knowledge of the stall property, but at the last sitting of the court, she called him to one side and said, “I may as well speak the truth; I stole the knives and forks, but not the glasses. I was very badly off at the time, and I intended to redeem them.” This was all the evidence, and prisoner was committed for trial at the next York Assizes.

Prisoner was next charged with stealing a number of articles from the Coatham Hotel. Ellis Jones, who appeared to prosecute, said he had been manager of the hotel since 14th October last, but prior to that time he was head waiter at the hotel, and remembered the prisoner being charwoman, there between the early part of May and July last year. She was discharged for some reason or other, and had not since been employed stop when he was appointed, and took stock, and found about £100 worth of linen and other goods missing. On the 22nd, inst., he accompanied Police Sergeant Alexander to a pawn shop at Warrenby, and observed a number of sheets, tablecloths, napkins, knives, forks, salt cellars, and other articles. The whole of them had the Coatham Hotel remark upon them, and belonged to the Coatham Hotel Company. Mrs. Kerry spoke to the things being pledged at her husband’s shop at Warrenby, and Police Sergeant Alexander said on charging prisoner with stealing the articles from the Coatham hotel, she made no reply. It’s the second case also prisoner was fully committed for trial at York Assizes, which commenced on Wednesday.


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