MILITARY – Militia Inspection at Redcar

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the Sea Gazette 27/07/1877.


The inspection of the Second North Durham Militia took place on Tuesday (24/07), on the racecourse. The strength of the Regiment present was 732 rank and file. The names of the offices was as follows:- Majors Miles and Keogh     ;, captains Smith, Dixon, Wallace, Mulcaster, Pass, Gregg, and Freckleton; Sub- Lieut. Richmond, Cooke, and Baillie. the inspecting officer, Colonel Scott Thomson, was received by the Regiment in line, in open order, with a grand salute; he then roared up the front and down the rear ranks, and made a searching inspection of the corps; who stood steadily under arms, and looked a fine body of men. The usual movements were subsequently gone through. The following communication of the inspecting officer was ordered to be read to the men on parade.

Colonel Thomson requests Lieut-Colonel Allison will have the goodness to have the following remarks read out to the North Durham Militia.

Colonel Thomson desires to express to Colonel Allison hits great satisfaction at the fine appearance of his battalion, both at the Marching order and Preview order on parade yesterday. The steadiness of the men under arms was most praiseworthy and they marched passed in column very fairly.

The Manual and Firing exercise under Major Miles was excellent. It could not have been done better by a line Regiment.

The Battalion movements were well executed. The new form of attack in extended order, considering the short time the Regiment had had for its practice was intelligently carried out, and the relative duties of the supports and reserves appeared to be understood by the company leaders.

Colonel Thompson hasn’t been much pleased to hear the conduct of the men, during the time that they have been encamped at Redcar, so well spoken of the Colonel Allison, and it will give the inspecting officer much pleasure to make a favourable report on the Regiment to the Lieut. General Commanding the Northern district.

Colonel Thomson hopes in conclusion, the North Durham Militia may on future occasions muster greater strength, and that fewer absentees may have to be recorded.

Redcar, July, 25th, 1877.
T. W. S. Locke, Esq., was the staff surgeon of the Regiment, and we are informed that the health of the men was good. The camp breaks up on Saturday, the 28th inst.


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