MILITARY – Militia inspection at Redcar

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 28/07/1876


the inspection of the 2nd North Durham Militia took place on Wednesday (26/07), on the Race course, Redcar. The strength of the regiment present was 681 non-commissioned officers and rank and file. The names of the offices taking part in the inspection were as follows :- Lieut. Col. Allison in command; Majors miles and Pass Keough; Captains Smith, Dixon, Wallace, and Wight; Captain and Adjutant Heathcote. 106th L.I.: Lieutenants Mulcaster and Scarth; Sub-Lieutenants Freckleton, Reid, Edwards, Lambert, Hon. J.Cochrane, and Shaw. At twelve noon the inspecting officer, Colonel Lambert (commanding 3rd Brigade o and sub-district), came on to the parade, and was received by the regiment in line, at open order, with a grand salute. The inspecting officer roared up the front and down the rear ranks, and made a searching inspection of the men, who appeared to stand very steadily under arms, and looked a fine body of men. The regiment then marched passed in column, which was well done, No.3 Company being especially good and afterwards marched past in quarter column, and at the double, both of which were also well done They then formed line to the left on the rear company, and were put through the manual and firing exercise by Major Keough; and manual exercise was particularly good, almost up to “line” form. The regiment was next put through various battalion movements by Lieutenant-Colonel Allison, all of which were very steadily performed, and reflected the greatest credit on all concerned. Some Light Infantry movements were then gone through, when the regiment marched to camp. We may hear add that the men of the regiment have behaved exceedingly well during their stay in Redcar, which they hope to visit again next year The offices entertained a party of ladies at a most recherche’ luncheon in the mess tent, to which they were unfortunately, for themselves confined for the afternoon, owing to the exceedingly heavy downpour of rain. Dr. Geoghegan was the staff surgeon of the regiment, and we were informed that the health of the men was on the whole very good. The camp breaks up on Saturday, the 29th against.


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