REDCAR – BANKRUPCY William Bulman, High Street.

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette. 16/03/1889.


          On Wednesday (13/03) William Bulman, of High Street, Redcar, Butcher, was examined in bankruptcy at the Stockton Bankruptcy Court by Mr. J. R. Stubbs, Official Receiver. The statement of affairs filed by the debtor showed net unsecured liabilities to the amount of £638-16s-1d, and net assests to the amount of £121-9s-0d, leaving a deficiency of £517-7s-7d.
The debtor said he had commenced business as a farmer at Kirkleatham in 1859, with £500 capital. He lost his money and in 1865 he commenced as a butcher at Redcar without capital. The causes of his insolvency were sickness in his family and bad trade. He had been aware of his insolvency for eight years, but continued to trade and contract debts, and that he would be able to pull round.
The examination was adjourned.




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