REDCAR – Beach nor being kept in good order.

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea 27/05/1870.


            We should naturally suppose that it would be not only be the duty but the pleasure of all the inhabitants of Redcar, gentle and simple, to keep the beach in good order, but the reverse is the case; for, notwithstanding oft repeated remonstrance’s, the system of carting rubbish, storms, broken bottles, and tin kettles onto the beach still goes on, and surely no argument is needed to prove that the powers of the Local Board need extending to the low water mark, when the practice in question goes on in the face of all that has been said and written on the subject, to the annoyance and discussed health visitors, and apparently without any power of restraint on the part of the Inspector of Nuisances. It is evident that where commonsense fails to point out the propriety of keeping the beach and promenade in order that authority should restrain delinquents.


Lol Hansom July 20, 2013 Beach, Redcar