TIDES – High Tides 1878

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 04/10/1878.


      Unusually high tides were predicted for Friday/ Saturday, 27th/28th, September, and on Saturday afternoon the promenade at Redcar and Coatham was thronged with visitors and residents, anxious to witness what was likely to be “the highest tide of the year.” They were, however, to some extent disappointed, for the wind being in a southerly the tide did not rise so high as would have been the case had it been blowing from the sea, and only reached about three feet further than an ordinary full spring tide, or not quite up to the sea wall. The bathing machines and the boating and fishing craft had been moved from their accustomed standings, and placed beyond reach of the tide. At low water the wreck of the screw steamer “Charles Butters” was wholly discernible.


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