REDCAR – Re-numbering of Streets.

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 06/04/1871


            This important and long needed improvement has as length being effected, by order of the Board of Health according to the suggestions of the Registrar General. The numerals commence at the west end of Redcar (nearest the Central Hall), the odds on the north side and evens on the south. The extreme end of High Street, being out of the district, still requires to be numbered; and, until this is accomplished, difficulties are certain to rise from the occurrence of the same numbers in different parts of the street. We hope our friends at the East End will attend to this at once, and carrying out the system of numbering both sides of the street. This will be a great company and is to visitors, who will have long been puzzled to find out obscure terraces and numbers; and the simplicity and completeness of numbering High Street from one end to the other is obvious to all as the most satisfactory plan which can be adopted. The cost of the enamelled metal number plates is very small, and can be ascertained from Mr Crabtree, the surveyor.


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