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Often recorded as the ‘Rose of England’, the proper name is ‘Englands Rose’. She was a three masted schooner, on her way from Yarmouth to Hartlepool in ballast, when she struck Saltscar rocks.
When she struck the rocks the local fishermen put a kedge anchor out, in the hope they could pull her off and lay claim to some salvage. However, the new agent from Lloyds a Mr. Richard Tho (Thomas or Thompson) refused their help, and managed to use his own craft to pull her off the rocks onto the beach.

One report says she floated off at High Tide, but the more comprehensive hand written account says it was wrecked on September 2nd 1884, and five crewmen saved

The life-sized lady figurehead from this vessel is in the Zetland Museum.


Lol Hansom February 23, 2014 Boats & Ships