1869 08 13 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 13/08/1869.


            The monthly meeting of this Board, adjourned from the 2nd inst., was held on Thursday evening last (06/08). Present were Messrs Lennard (Chairman), Harrison, Richardson, Whitaker, Mallaby, Cowl, J. G. Thompson (Clerk) and M. Crabtree (Surveyor).

The minutes of the previous meeting having the red and confirmed, it was ordered that the minute with reference to the lighting of Alma Parade, the continued.

The clerk said he had written to the chairman of the Redcar Gas Co., with reference to the terms on which the company would alight the town with gas. He had received a reply from him, offering on behalf of the company to supply the board with gas on the terms of the former agreement.

Mr Lennard thought it would be best to call a committee of the whole board on the following evening, to reconsider the terms of the agreement, agreed to.

A letter was also received from Mr T. Watson, builder, asking the board to pay the footpath in front of his property in Lord Street, on the usual conditions. This was agreed to, and the Surveyor was instructed to see the other owners of the property in Lord Street, with reference to paving the whole of the street.

On the subject of the Upleatham drainage, the Surveyor said that J. Coulson and W. Dickson refused to sign the agreement. Ordered that notice be given to the effect, that if they did not sign the agreement the communication with the main sewer would be cut off.

The Clerk was instructed to obtain copies of the bye-laws at other bathing places, in order to ascertain what authority they possessed over the sands and bathing machines. The desirability of separating the bathing machines of the two sexes were strongly urged by the Clerk and the members present.

It was ordered that the legal proceedings be taken against Mr Dermont for using a slaughter-house behind Mr Duck’s property without a license. It was also ordered that the legal proceedings be taken against Mr Nelson, builder, for infringement of the bylaws in erecting some outbuilding in the Swan Hotel yard, without submitting a plan to the board.

Ordered that the attention of the Clerk of the Highway Board because to the bad state of the road between Craster Terrace and the Clarendon Hotel, leading towards the beach.


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