1869 12 10 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 10/12/1869.


            The monthly meeting of the Board was held on Monday last (06/12). Present Messrs Lennard (Chairman), Fairbridge, Cowl, Watson, Whitaker, and Mallaby; J. G. Thompson (Clerk), and M. Crabtree (Surveyor).

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed, and bills amounting to £111.19s.8d were ordered to be paid. It was stated that when the amount was paid, there would still remain £967s.8d to the credit of the Board.

The minutes relating to the lighting, paving, and channeling of streets, public lighting, and bathing by-laws were ordered to be continued.

The Clerk was instructed to report to the Board on the subject of extending the district.

The minutes of a meeting of the Board in committee was then read, by which it appeared that it was resolved to place the drinking fountain as nearly opposite the middle of King Street as possible. The subject of a new burial ground was likewise discussed, and it was resolved that it was desirable to have a cemetery for the town of Redcar, and that steps be taken to procure a suitable plot of ground. With this view the Clerk was requested to write to the Earl of Zetland on the matter.

The Clerk said he had written to the Earl of Zetland, enclosing the Surveyor’s report on the subject, but he had not yet received a reply.

With reference to the repairing of the highway between the Clarendon Hotel and Craster Terrace, the Clerk said he had written to Mrs Newcomen’s agent on the matter, and had received a reply to the effect that the Railway Company having hitherto kept the road in repair. He considered that Mrs Newcomer could not do anything in the matter.

The Surveyor said the Railway Company declined doing anything.

The Surveyor was instructed to enquire into the subject.

The minute with regard to the enlarging of the reservoir was ordered to be continued.

A plan of a billiard room at the Queen’s Hotel was rejected, owing to a deficiency in the yard area.

A plan of a building to be erected adjoining Maritime Terrace, by Mr James Johnson, was also rejected, on account of their being no block plan.

A plan of a building to be erected by Mr Thos. Watson for Capt Tomlinson was next brought forward, when considerable discussion took place. The building, which was to be erected on the Esplanade, to the west of Britannia Cottage, would project 20 feet in advance of the adjoining building; and some of the members of the Board protested against the plan, as they considered it would injure the property adjoining.

Mr Cowl moved the rejection of the plan, which was seconded by Mr Whitaker.

Mr Watson moved that the plan be accepted, but no one seconded the proposition, and the plan was rejected.


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