1870 03 25 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 25/03/1870.


            Meeting of the Finance Committee, March (23/03). The committee at this its last meeting of the financial year, made a thorough review of the fiscal transactions, and find that there has been collected from all sources during the year the sum of £877.14s.01/2d; and they have vouchers and credit entries in the banker’s book for the same amount.      

            They also find that the Surveyor has been entrusted with checks to the amount of £497.7s.1d, with a balance in hand at last year’s audit of £4.1s.41/2d, total, £501.8s.51/2d; and they find vouchers for the same amount disposed under the following heads of expenditure:-

Highways                                                                      142.18s.021/2d

Sewers                                                                             2.14s.06d

Waterworks                                                                       4.11s.111/2d

Railway Charges                                                               24.07s.06d

Tradesmen                                                                    216. 06s.111/2d

Redcar Gas Company                                                      27. 04s.00d

Rents                                                                               12.19s.00d

Taxes                                                                               10. 02s.04d

Surveyor’s Salary                                                               45.00s.00d            .0

Gas and Fire                                                                       2.05s.00d

Auditor’s Fee                                                                      5.05s.00d

Assistant Overseer’s Attendance at

Examination of Voting Papers                                                 07s.06d

Insurance                                                                              06s.00d

Incidental Expenses                                                            7.00s.00d

                                                                                    £501  8s   5

            “The Committee have the satisfaction to state that the whole of the accounts have been brought before them in a clear and intelligible manner by the Surveyor.

                                                                        E. W. LENNARD, Chairman.”


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