1870 08 05 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 05/08/1870.


            On Monday (01/08), the monthly meeting of this board was held. Present :-  Messrs. Lennard (chairman), Cowl, Harrison, Watson, Webster, and Mallaby; J. G. Thompson, clerk; and M. Crabtree, surveyor. The Surveyor reported that he had had a conversation with the chairman of the Redcar Gas Company., respecting regulation burners for the street lamps, and the Chairman wished to know whether the Board would purchase the lamps. They were valued at £70.9s.4d. By purchasing them, the interest and depreciation, which was now paid by the Board, would be saved. It was resolved that the lamps and posts the purchased from the Gas Company, the amount to be paid in for annual instalments. Ordered that a meeting of the whole Board be held to consider the water charges. The clerk read a letter which he had received from the Board of Trade, stating that the Board was unable to admit the Earl of Zetland’s claim to the foreshore, but was ready to join in any arrangement which, without prejudicing the claim of the Crown to the foreshore might have the effect of enabling the Local Board to obtain the confirmation of their order next session. Mr Cowl complained of the accumulation of sand on the Esplanade fronting Marine Terrace. The surveyor, said it had been twice removed, and had is often returned. It was long from the heap at the end of Newcomen Street. It was ordered that the surveyor have the whole of the sand removed from the top of the sea wall. Mr Webster complained strongly of the way in which the beach was used by many persons, who seemed to look upon it at as a receptacle for all times of rubbish. Old kettles, pots, slop-pails, and refuse of all sorts were continually being thrown on the beach, making it look like a Dunghill. Could nothing be done to stop the practice? The surveyor corroborated Mr Webster’s statement, and said he was sorry to see that the people of Redcar took no pains to make the town and beach look clean and respectable. It was ordered that the beach be cleared, and that bills be issued warning the public against throwing rubbish there-on. A street plan of building ground in Dundas Street, belonging to Lord Zetland was passed, as was one of alteration of premises belonging to Mr. W. Blatherwick. A plan of the Freemasons’ Hall was rejected, there being no sufficient block plan accompanying it. The meeting then terminated.


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