1874 04 09 Redcar Local Board of Heath Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn News 16/04/1874


            The annual meeting of the Local Board of Health for the district of Redcar, was held at the Board room, West Terrace, Redcar, on Thursday evening last (09/04). Present: Messrs Coulson, Fairbridge, Johnston, Lennard, Mallaby, and Watson; J. G. Thompson (clerk), and D. D. Bookless (surveyor). Mr Fairbridge, having made the usual declaration on taking his seat at the Board, the Clerk said, as that was the annual meeting, the first of business would be to elect a chairman. Mr Lennard proposed, and Mr Johnston seconded, that Mr James Coulson be chairman for the ensuing year. Mr Coulson said he did not wish to stand, and proposed Mr Johnson. Mr Johnson regretted that the state of his health was such that he could not undertake duties of the position of chairman. Mr Coulson next proposed Mr Thomas Watson. Mr Mallaby, seconded. Mr Watson said he did not wish to divide the meeting, and should support the proposition of Mr Lennard, that Mr Coulson be appointed stop on being put to the vote, Messrs. Coulson, Fairbridge, and Mallaby voted for Mr Watson, and Mrs Lenard and Johnston for Mr Coulson, the former being consequentially elected. On taking the chair, Mr Watson thanked the Board for the honour they had conferred upon him, and said he would always endeavour to discharge the duties of the office in as fair and impartial a manner as possible. The chairman then proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Lennard, for his long services as chairman stop Mr Coulson seconded. The proposition was carried, the minute being ordered to be engrossed on vellum, and presented to Mr Lennard. The various committees were then appointed as follows:-

Waterworks:- The Chairman, Messrs Lennard, Fairbridge, Coulson, and Johnston.

Highways, Sanitary, and Lighting:- The Chairman, Messrs Lennard, Mallaby, Cowl, and Coulson.

Finance:- The Chairman, Messrs Coulson, Johnston, Harrison, and Mallaby.

Plans:- The Chairman, Messrs. Fairbridge, Johnson, Cowl, and Mallaby.

The Board next considered the report of the Surveyor on the proposed manure depot, and it was resolved, on the motion of Mr Mallaby, seconded by Mr Johnston, that the same be carried out forthwith, in accordance with the plans befall the meeting.

The Surveyor also reported that the laying of the new 4in water pipe in Lord Street had been completed. Some formal business, having been transacted, the meeting separated.


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