1876 11 02 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 11/02/1876


            The monthly meeting of the Local Board of Health for the district of Redcar was held on Monday evening last (07/02), at the Boardroom, West Terrace. Present: Messrs Webster (in the chair), Coulson, Crabtree, Harrison, Mallaby; J. G. Thompson (clerk), and D.D. class Bookless (surveyor). Minutes having been read and confirmed, the Clerk read letters that have been received from Mr. Semple, secretary of the Darlington section of the North-Eastern Railway Company, in reply to the application from the Board for lamps to be placed at the level crossings in Westdyke and Redcar Lane, intimating the willingness of the Directors to place lamps at the points named, provided the Board would lay a main to the Redcar Lane crossing, and afterwards supply the lamps with gas. The Clerk was ordered to reply to the effect that the Board were of the opinion that it was the duty of the Railway Company both to provide the lamps and all so to supply them with gas, in the interests of the public safety. The Chairman intimated that the recommendations of Dr. Thorne, so far as related to the ventilation of the sewers, were being carried out; and Surveyor reported that the erection of a ventilating shaft, near the outlet of the silver on the beach, was being proceeded with. The Surveyor submitted a report of his inspection of the district, with a list of ashpits covered and uncovered, all so of houses not supplied with ashpits, and a notice was ordered to be issued requiring owners of property to carry out all the recommendations of Dr. Thorne. A number of plans were afterwards past.


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