2011 03/01/2011. Fatal Road accident on Redcar Lane following a cyclist being in collision with a taxi. The cyclist later died in hospital.
2011 11/01/2011 Racecourse subway to Redcar Lane reported to be 10 feet under water due to heavy rain. Believe fault with pumping system.
2011 17/01/2011. Assurances given by Northumbrian Water that the four Redcar sea water bathing areas plus one at Marske would still be classified as good, and sewage storage systems for standards to remain high.
2011 18/01/2011. Sea Cadets, Army Cadets and Air Training Corps raised £4,190.63p helping to break Poppy Week (2010) the record set last year. last year £21,760. This Year £21,934.
2011 19/01/2011. Cleveland Police, Redcar reported fourth year of success for ‘Operation Scrooge’ 2010, a campaign to reduce the number of shoplifting, purse theft and car related crimes.
2011 20/01/2011. Reported that the Thai firm interested in the Redcar Steel Works wishes to start up September 2011.
2011 20/11/2011. Redcar area being subjected to foul smells being emitted by the firm ENSUS site, Wilton.
2011 25/11/2011. Redcar Police made arrests in division, Redcar, Dormanstow, Grangetown for offenders known or suspected of thefe, especially mateals, cables and shoplifting.
2011 02/02/2011. Cleveland Police swooped in dawn raids on property and addresses on the Lakes Estate in Cleveland Police’s Operation Tornado. Drugs. Illegal drugs were discovered, and two men arrested.
2011 03/02/2011. Outboard Honda, four stroke, 10 Hp motor stolen from a privately owned boat over weekend. Chrome coloured.
2011 03/12/2011. 160 motorcyclists (Boundary 500) arrived in Redcar on their 500th annual charity fundraising event for Zoe’s Place and the Great North Air ambulance.
2011 05/12/2011. Reported that the Kirkleatham Industrial Estate  Royal Mail Postal Sorting Office would be remaining open.
2011 07/02/2011. Gales 70mph across (Redcar) Teeside inconvenienced transport and other services.
2011 11/02/2011. RNLI lifeboats from Redcar and Hartlepool called out following a crew member falling from ship. Holding onto the anchor chain of the vessel for suppor,t he was rescued from the sea by a pilot boat and taken to South Gare.
2011 12/02/2011. Hugh changes are about to begin designed to combat coastal flooding along Redcar Sea front with new sea wall.
2011 12/02/2011. Confirmation of a death of Redcar man from Legionnaires disease. re admitted to hospital after treatment for the bug, and later died. Records show that  Legionnaire cases recorded on Teesside have been 2008 (5) 2009 (1) 2010 (6). Three of 2010 cases were in Redcar.
2011 15/02/2011. £37 million pound hosp ital in Redcar still failing to offer patients full range of services 1 year after being built.
2011 15/02/2011. Redcar M.P. Ian Swales told House of Commons that they must get tougher on knife crime.
2011 17/02/2011. Two new arrivals of Meerkat’s at Kirkleatham Owl Centre eight weeks old.
2011 17/02/2011. £31 million Leisure Centre consisting of Swimming Pool, library, fitness centre and offices given go-ahead.
2011 18/02/2011. Crackdown on alleged burglars was carried out in Redcar and Dormanstown and East Cleveland, in raids across the area.
2011 19/02/2011. A barrel of Redscar Rocks beer tasted by M.P’s in the House of Commons brewed by Chris and Lindsey Appleby, of the Cleveland Hotel, Redcar.2011
2011 19/02/2011. People of Redcar and surrounding area celebrated “Keeping The Flame Alive, with a celebration in Redcar.
2011 24/02/2011. Long awaited steel deal signed with SSI £320 million pound take over of the Redcar Works.
2011 24/11/2011. Six small new business ventures start up in a Redcar High Street shop. local business resources saw that the shop was fitted out at a cost of only £820.
2011 28/02/2011. Redcar worker(s) trapped in uprising in Libya. Found way out home via Tripoli.
2011 01/03/2011. Deputy Prime Minister states that there would be no ‘blank cheques’ to support SSI proposals for the use of the Corus Steelworks.
2011 02/03/2011. Redcar and Cleveland Council slashed budget by £15.2 million. 300 posts in council to go.
2011 12/03/2011. Zetland Primary School school children began looking after beds and flower tubs in High Street, working in conjunction with the Redcar in Bloom group and the council for inaugural entry into Northumbria in Bloom Competition.
2011 13/03/2011. Archbishop of York led a thanksgiving service at Christ Church, Redcar, which marked the 150th anniversary of Steel making in the area.
2011 14/03/2011 As a result of the forthcoming local elections, the proposed new plans for a new tower along the Esplanade could be dropped, should the present ruling party lose office. 
2011 14/03/2011. Fish and chip owner, staff and customers escaped injury when an unlicensed car driver drove into wall of premises Park Avenue. Just some distance away from the collision were the gas pipes into the premises, and the shop was open.
2011 18/03/2011. Plans to scrap the building of a new Tower on the promenade would cost £1.1million if they went ahead.
2011 25/03/2011. High expectations for the workforce of Teesside when Win Viriyaprapaikit, the president of SSI, was handed the key to the Redcar Blast Furnace, marking the completion of the deal to buy the site from Tata. SSI flags now being flown at the site
2011 25/03/2011. Redcar golden sands now flies the Environmental Agency flag passing water quality test of the sea from the beach
2011 25/03/2011. Middlesbrough man rescued from sea when kayak capsized, and he fell out into sea off Redcar. Managed to cling on to kayak, seen by Coast watch who alerted Redcar RNLI. Lost his paddle, fishing rod, and two fish he had caught.
2011 25/03/2011. Two men appeared in court charged with the kidnap and murder of a 45 year old Redcar man. The deceased was on Saturday 19/03/2011, bundled into a van and beaten. He died from his injuries two days later.
2011 26/03/2011. Cleveland Police launch ‘Operation Marley’ in Redcar Town Centre, covering thefts from people, as the elderly and vulnerable targeted 2011.
2011 05/04/2011. Redcar RNLI were presented with cheque for £1,000 by the local Round Tabler’s.
2011 07/04/2011. Appeal to have Old Redcar Library listed after decision to demolish the site.
2011 07/04/2011. Redcar residents start campaigning for a Post Office to be located in Roseberry Square Shopping area.
2011 13/04/2011. Tom Cave 10 years Campaigning on knife crime issues invited to London to pick up a Children’s Champion Award from the Prime Minister.
2011 13/04/2011. Extra Police patrols on Dormanstown Estates for people causing a disturbance, and also the mis-use of off-road biking.
2011 15/04/2011. Cleveland Police scooped national award for title Force of the Year.
2011 17/04/2011. Man 38 years rescued by Redcar Lifeboat, trying to row a toy inflatable from Redcar to Saltburn, 1/2 mile from shore. Picked up and suffering from mild hypothermia.
2011 20/11/2011. Three people saved by Redcar Lifeboat from base of cliffs at Saltburn. Cut off by tide.
2011 21/04/2011. Redcar Greenwood’s Gent’s Outfitters received bumper order to supply 176, suits, shirts and shoes in 14 days to the Gurkha’s Unit, Catterick Camp
2011 23/04/2011. Two men rescued by Redcar Lifeboat as the kayaks they were sailing began to drift out to sea.
2011 28/04/2011. Cleveland Constabulary to axe 161 of Teesside’s most experienced officers, because of cost cutting measures.
2011 29/04/2011. Redcar man Gary Lennon, who ran into the sea to save and elderly man September 2010 to receive commendation from the Royal Humane Society after being recommended for the award by Cleveland Police
2011 29/04/2011. Royal Wedding Day – Wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton took place on 29 April 2011 at WestminsterAbbey.
2011 29/04/2011. Redcar couple Ken and Joan Cooper celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary (today)
2011 30/04/2011. Redcar’s blue clock broken for the last month due to satellite controlled mechanism being broken. Original installer of system no longer in business.
2011 12/05/2011. First cast block of Redcar Sea Defence swung into place, following the installation of 900 steel piles into the sand. A further 999 interlocking blocks are to be installed in order to build new defences against the sea.
2011 31/05/2011. Thirty foot sperm whale came ashore at Redcar (The Stray) but unfortunately despite all service being involved died on the beach. Hundreds of people visited the scene
2011 31/05/2011. Seaside festivities for children organised in Redcar High Street, by Redcar & Cleveland BC during the wee.k. Thousands of people attended the event.
2011 01/06/2011. Redcar & Cleveland redundancy bill of £6.5m paid out since local authorities began cutting costs.
2011 01/06/2011. Redcar Chinese Takeaway, ‘Yummy Yummy’ West Dyke Road, closed by Health Authority.
2011 02/05/2011. Father and daughter died in tragic fire Hawthorn Road, Redcar. Another daughter seriously ill with mother at bedside.
2011 05/05/2011. Local elections for Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council held.
2011 06/05/2011. Redcar hosted a three day EDF energies Renew-ables Kite Festival festival at Coatham with over 100 entries for sea and land competitors
201 07/05/2011. Man hunted after attacked outside Standard Pub, Redcar. Victim suffered broken jaw in the fracas that followed.
2011 10/05/2011. Norman Evans MBE, again donates £1,200 to local charities, raising the money with his accordion in Morrison’s (out of the inclement weather)
2011 13/05/2011. Ensus the plant causing the odour plaguing residents as shut down until markets pick-up.
2011 26/05/2011. RNLI gold award for his dedicated being recognised being the deputy launching authority for Redcar Lifeboat. Presented by Duke of Kent
2011 04/06/2011. Redcar drugs gang of five sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.
2011 04/06/2011. James Hobley, a dancer, 11 years of Redcar became runner-up in final of T.V’s ‘ Got Talent Show.
2011 10/06/2011. Last minute attempts to prevent the new planned leisure centre going ahead in Redcar failed following the English Heritage appeal to keep the library failed.
2011 11/06/2011. Performance and Media Arts Centre facility for younger children costing £4.9m work to start early July 2011.
2011 11/06/2011. Beessie Brownlie deceased,aged 104, Redcar, ashes were brought back to Redcar by daughter Rona, to be interred with her mother, and also her late husband well known Doctor Brownlie. Both lived most of their lives in Redcar.
2011 12/06/2011. Redcar Half Marathon took place.x
2011 13/06/2011. Grandfather and his two grandsons appear in Teesside Crown Court charged with murder and kidnap of a Redcar father.
2011 14/06/2011. 60 year old windsurfer struggled to get back to shore at Coatham Bay. Redcar Lifeboat launched, and rescued man taking him back to beach.
2011 15/06/2011. Redcar targeted by Police following a spate of purse thefts and shoplifting from town centre and supermarkets.
2011 20/06/2011. Patients in Redcar Primary Care Hospital have bought for them by The Friends of the Stead a Television and Nintendo Wii games system for patients. Occupational therapists and physiotherapists state that they improve patients particular movements especially co-ordination.
2011 21/06/2011. A grant of £200,000 from English Heritage to RCBC has enables work to be carried out on the KIrkleatham Stable Block, Kirkleatham Hall.
2011 23/06/2011. Duke of York(Prince Andrew, visited the Thai firm SSI who will commence producing steel from the old Redcar furnace next month.
2011 24/06/2011. Missing kayak-er saved from drowning clinging to his vessel by the Redcar Lifeboats. Kayak-er in sea water for 45 minutes and was suffering from signs of severe hypothermia. Taken to James Cook Hospital. (See 14/062011 re windsurfer – same person)
2011 27/06/2011. Two men rescued from pleasure boat off Huntcliff when their boat struck something in the water and sank. Men in water for 90 minutes by use of 1 life jacket between them. Picked up in a passing fishing boat, Staithes and Redcar Lifeboat at the scene.
2011 12/07/2011. Man charged with Murder following fire and death of Terrence McGlade, Pennine Crescent, Redcar.
2011 13/07/2011. Three 14 year old teenagers arrested following a break-in at a church in Mallard Court, Dormanstown.
2011 14/07/2011 Stockton Arms raised £04 towards a plaque for the “Birger” anchor on the promenade.
2011 14/07/2011. Dormanstown Primary School celebrated its 85th birthday with release of 400 balloons and other events.
2011 15/07/2011. James Hobay, Redcar, (Dancer)  6th on Britains’ got talent invited to civic reception with Mayor, before taking up scholarship worth £100,000 at The Hammond, a dance school in Chester.
2011 17/07/2011. Redcar Races held meeting Help for Heroes family fun day.
2011 20/07/2011. Competition opened as to the name to call the Tower on the sea front when built.
2011 20/07/2011. Work commenced the the demolition of the old Palace Theatre on the promenade to be replaced by The Hub
2011 22/07/2011. Cabin Cruiser ran aground in wind. Redcar RNLI secured vessel from going on rocks. Eventually taken in tow safely. No persons injured.
2011 23/07/2011. Redcar Charity Shops state that donations of items is 30% down on stock being donated.
2011 25/07/2011. The Standard Public House, West Dyke Road, Redcar has its licence suspended for 1 month following breaches of the licence.
2011 27/07/2011. SSI began recruitment drive of 1,000 steel jobs at the former Corus, Redcar.
2011 31/07/2011. 11am to 11pm Redcar Rocks, with 12 rock bands, and 12 comedians, at a new festival of music 2 large tents, at the Redcar Rugby Club, Mackinlay Park with an opportunity to camp overnight.
2011 01/08/2011. Drug overdoses in Redcar twice more than the national average. Worst in the North East.
2011 06/082011. Friends of Redcar Cemetery are to carry out renovation to the Boer War Memorial.
2011 10/08/2011. Lifeboat launched when kite surfer got into difficulties off Redcar. Surfer managed to swim half-mile to shore before RNLI arrived. Lifeboat recovered kite.
2011 11/08/2011. Two well known circuses visited the town during this month – Jolly’s Circus and Circus of the Orient.
2011 20/08/2011. Redcar Cemetery gets a new look to its Children’s Cemetery after £3,500 makeover.
2011 30/08/2011. Three pupils of Redcar’s Sacred Heart School come out top in Tata’s competition for a sculpture for their Skinningrove Works. The sculpture was of a spectacular robot, with earth moving  equipment for its hands and feet.
2011 01/09/2011. Geoff Waterfield the person who led the campaign to bring back steel making to the Redcar Plant, tragically died in the early hours. He was also the Chairman of the multi-union works committee.
2011 06/09/2011. The Archbishop of York paid tribute to the Union Leader Geoff Waterfield who spearheaded the campaign to save steel making in Redcar.
2011 07/09/2011. Redcar Lifeboat crew scattered poppies out at sea as a memorial to all the Merchant Navy Sailors who have perished at sea.
2011 08/09/2011. Pledges flood in to the Redcar Pier Association, following their efforts to get Redcar an original Pier.
2011 10/09/2011. Man hospitalised with head injuries in Langthwaite walk, Redcar. (10/09) Two men aged 29 years later charged with offences.
2011 12/09/2011. Battle of Britain in the sky memorial service and wreath laying was held at the cenotaph at Redcar
2011 26/09/2011. Zetland Park and Corus Ladies and Men’s Bowling Club stated that the rinks may be closed following possible council funding not being provided.
2011 28/09/2011. Friends of Zetland Park renovated play area (fitness equipment) opened by Mayoress Cllr. Olwyn Peters.
2011 30/09/2011. Man’s body found in car in Majuba Car Park. Police stated not treating death suspicious.
2011 30/09/2011. Further 80 job cuts expected withing the Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council.
2011 03/09/2011. Redcar Lifeboat launched on six occasions during 24 hours, during autumn (summer) warm weather period
2011 04/10/2011, R&C B.C.reported to have no plans to take up the offer of a cash incentive from the Government for a return to weekly bin collections.
2011 04/10/2011. News that Tata steel to invest £1.5 million into Teesside Beam Mill.
2011 10/10/2011. The Friends of Redcar Cemetery were given an ‘outstanding’ rating in the Northumbria in Bloom ceremony in Durham for the Royal Horticultural Society’s It’s Your Neighbourhood campaign.
2011 11/10/2011. Redcar & Cleveland B.C. set to make a further £8million cuts during the present financial position.
2011 11/10/2011. H.R.H. Duke of Gloucester officially opened the Higher Education and Conference Centre at Redcar and Cleveland College. The building was developed in partnership with The William Turners Trust Foundation and Teesside University.
2011 17/10/2011. Ex- Olympic Triple World Champion Jumper digs into land to start the building of the new £31m Leisure Complex.,also visited Ryehills School and gave presentation about London 2012 Olympic Games.
2011 24/10/2011. R&C.B.C. stated that they had recovered £3.5 million pounds from the Icelandic Banks when the assets were frozen in October 2008.
2011 24/11/2011. H.R.H. Price Charles visited Redcar Memorial Hall and also the Redcar Blast Furnace Site and work force.
2011 25/10/2011. Strong winds and 10 feet high waves when angler swept of the South Gare Breakwater. Rescued but later died in hospital.
2011 20/20/2011. R&C. B.C. excluded press and public from Council Cabinet Meeting to discuss in private a list of properties and sites that could be sold off.
2011 01/11/2011. RNLI Redcar produce their own Christmas Cards to the public.available when Lifeboat station open.
2011 01/11/2011. SSI secure £1.6m towards training following its purchase and take-over.
2011 12/11/2011. Two Liberal Democrat Councillors of Redcar and Cleveland B.C. stepped down from Redcar’s Zetland Ward following a question mark over their eligibility to represent the ward following the May 2011 elections.
2011 03/11/2011. Decision made not to have fireworks display on The Stray, due to financial cut backs.
2011 13/11/2011. REMEMBERANCE SUNDAY Remembrance Services at cenotaphs held throughout Redcar area.
2011 14/12/2011. Redcar CBC raise council tax by 3.5%
2011 14/11/2011. New bus service linking Redcar with East Cleveland villages proves a success during the first week of operation.
2011 14/12/2011. Redcar Rotary Club provided RNLI Lifeboat Station with weather instruments which give state of the weather wind speed/direction etc.This gives RNLI information which boat is most suitable.
2011 21/11/2011. Cleveland Police (Redcar) post Christmas Cards through letter boxes urging well known offenders (shoplifters) not to commit crime over the festive season.
2011 25/11/2011. Cleveland Police raided houses across Redcar Dormanstown etc, targeting people suspected of being involved in theft of metals, cables and shoplifting.
2011 26/11/2011. Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas switched on Redcar town centre lights.
2011 29/11/2011. Reported that the steelworks and South Gare were to be used for the making the site of another Road movie thiller to be called The Liability.
2011 01/12/2011. Malcolm Harland 50 years to serve 18 years in prison for murder of another man in Redcar.
2011 02/12/2011. Cleveland Police stop checks revealed that a boy 7 years and  boy  8 years were stopped in the Redcar area in  October this year.
2011 07/12/2011. Greek Resturant, Chilli’s Redcar Hight Street fined £3,788.75 after comittiing 4 offences Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006
2011 09/12/2011. Two years after admitting its first patient Redcar’s Primary Care Hospital was opened by a TV Secret Millionaire David Jamilly.
2011 13/12/2011. Schoolchildren from 4 different areas adopting a park in their own area. Children from John Emmerson Batty, planted bulbs in the Lily Park
2011 15/12/2011. Operation Scrooge operated in previous years started by numerous raids over the last 14 days for thieves and shoplifters.
2011 16/12/2011. St Bede’s School in Redcar named among the top 200 schools in the country.
2011 17/12/2011. Students of Redcar Community College planted over 40 apple trees in their college grounds, thanks to a donation towards the scheme by a TV Secret Millionaire of £25,000 (Sid’s Place by the pupils of the school)
2011 19/12/2011. Redcar’s newest supermarket Asda gave Redcar’s oldest school Zetland 60 high visibility jackets, for children safety purposes.
2011 20/12/2011. Charlotte Wood of Redcar named as one of the best new fashion designers in the United Kingdom, after being praised highly in the final of the Clothes Show Young Designer of the Year, NEC Birmingham
2011 23/12/2011. Redcar’s Fire and Steel Festival to be held 08/02/2012 not not to be held because of cutbacks.
2011 26/12/2011. The regular Boxing Day Dip took place on Redcar Beach with hundreds of participants willing to take the dip in the sea for their charities, dressed in all sorts of clothing and swimwear. Possibly the largest attendance ever
2011 26/12/2011. Redcar Rugby Club held a Boxing Day Rugby Match in memory of Geoff Waterfield. The club had a special trophy made for the occasion called the Ed Trophy (Ed’s nickname used as a member of the Rugby Club)
2011 29/12/2011 Secret Millionaire David Jamilly, returned to the Redcar to open the newly refurbished Sid’s Place, Redcar Community College, he helped finance 2011.





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