BLAW & ORDER – Trespassing in pursuit of game near Redcar

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 19/01/1877


            At the Guisborough Please Called, on Tuesday (16/01), Robert Smith, Jonathan Smith, Thomas Taylor, and James Lowe were charged with hunting rabbits at Kirkleatham, on the 16th December, 1876. Harland Hardcastle said he saw the defendants in a field in the occupation of James Bulman dogs, and one of the dogs caught a rabbit in the hedge just as he got up to them. The defendants said that they did not go in pursuit of game, but rats; but one of their dogs had unfortunately got on to a rabbit when the inspector drew up. There were fined 2s.6d each and costs.

Thomas Smith, William Grieves, and Thomas Blenkinsopp were charged with trespassing in search of game on Mr. A. H. Turner Newcomen’s estate, and on land in the occupation of Ralph Woodwark, at Marske, on 31st December 1876. A keeper found half-a-dozen men hunting rabbits in a field. Smith, having been previously convicted, was fined £1 and costs whilst the other defendants were fined 10s. each and costs.

John Garbutt was charged with trespassing in search of game on the Earl of Zetland’s estate at Upleatham on 17 November 1876. The defendant was one of a gang of young poaches pool, on being accosted by two gamekeepers, short fight, and then ran away. One of the use, who was apprehended last week, was sentenced to month’s imprisonment for assaulting a keeper named Pennington with a storm. Barker, the other keeper, now stated that defendant had a rabbit which he (witness) took from him, but on giving his name and address, which turned out to be fictitious, defendant was allowed to go. He was fined £1 and costs


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