CEMETERY – Redcar Burial Board

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 22/12/1871


            Our readers will see by the report given in our columns of the Vestry Meeting held on the 18th inst, that the preliminary steps have been taken to obtain the sanction of one of Her Majesty’s Principal Secretaries of State for the formation of a Burial Board at Redcar. After that sanction has been obtained a burial board will have to be formed. This Board will consist of nine persons, resident within the district of the Consolidated Chapelry of St. Peter, Redcar (which district comprises the Hall of the town whether paying rates to Upleatham all Redcar), and otherwise duly qualified. Like the Board of Health one third of the members will retire annually, but will be eligible for re-election. The Board will meet at some convenient place duly notified from time to time as they may appoint, and it will be at all times competent for any to members of the Board, by writing under their hands, to summon a special meeting at 48 hours notice. The Board are required to appoint a clerk and such the officers shall be necessary for the business of the Board, the Board will also keep books which all their transactions will be duly entered, and the accounts will be open to inspection and subject to an annual audit. The expenses incurred by the Burial Board are chargeable upon and paid out of the rate for the relieve of the poor, and as the poor rates in Redcar are payable partly to the parish of Upleatham and partly to Redcar, the expenses will be duly apportioned, to each parish, the chargeable with its proper share. For although Redcar is a separate district, for the ecclesiastical purposes, termed by the Order in Council “The, Consolidated Chapelry of St Peter.” for civil purposes to parts of Redcar remain as they were before, paying rates to their respective authorities This will present no difficulty in the matter of a Burial Board, for there is a special Act of Parliament which provides for this and similar cases where a Burial Board is acting for a district formed out of different parishes The board will also have borrowing powers for any additional money required over and above the sum given by the Earl of Zetland. It will thus be seen that there is considerable responsibility resting on the members of a Burial Board, and as the election of members rests with the ratepayers of Redcar, it is most important that men should be appointed who will devote time to the duties of the office and duly weigh matters delegated to them.

We deemed it necessary to bring this subject for our fellow-townsmen that it may receive sufficient attention before the time of the election of the Board of arrives. It is quite obvious that the interests of all who will hereafter have to contribute towards the expenses of the cemetery are concerned in the appointment of the Burial Board; and as there is time for due deliberation and caution in making proper appointments, it is a fresh opportunity for the exercise of the far-sightedness and sagacity which many people boast of, but which in times past seem not always to have been exercised at the proper time, or the blunders which have characterised some departments of public administration would never have occurred. If any other reason is needed than those already named for having a Burial Board of sufficient status to do credit to the town, it is this – the munificence of the Earl of Zetland is giving four acres of land and a thousand pounds towards the expenses, which has lifted a very heavy burden from the town, and it would be ill requite his Lordship’s kindness if a Board should be appointed to accept the trust convey to them by Lord Zetland on behalf of all Redcar, who were unable all unwilling to exercise that trust faithfully, all failed to carry out the conditions implied in such an important undertaking.



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