CHURCH – Entertainment at Christ Church, Coatham

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 09/11/1877.


            The first of this series of parish entertainments was given in the National School-room, Coatham, on Monday evening last (02/11). The Rev. L. B. Towne, vicar, occupied the chair, and opened the proceedings with a funeral well chosen remarks. The following programme was then gone through:- Pianoforte solo, “Capriccio in F. Op49” (Hummel), Mr. Felix Cruse; reading, “The Smuggler’s Leap” (Barham), Rev. L. B. Towne; song, “To the Woods” (F. Warner”, Mr. Richardson; part song, “The Fishermen’s Cobles” from Masaniello (Auber), Choir; reading, “A Curtain Lecture,” (Douglas Jerrold), Mr. Bottomley; ballad, “Marjorie’s Almanack” (Sainton-Dolby). Miss Loe; pianoforte solo, “Air de Ballet” from Guillaume Tell (H. Herz), Mr. Felix Cruse; reading from “Tales of a Wayside Inn,” (Longfellow), Rev. J. Davey; ballad, “Nancy Lee,” (Adams), Mr. Richardson; glee, “Hail, Smiling Morn” (Spofforth), Choir. The Rev. A. J. N. Macdonald presided at the pianoforte. On the whole, the entertainment passed off very satisfactorily, the soloists (Miss Loe and Mr. Richardson) being each rewarded with well-merited encores; the readings also were attentively listened to, especially the one given by Mr. Bottomley, which provoked much amusement. The room was filled to overflowing, and numbers were unable to gain admission. It was announced at the clause that the second entertainment of the series would be given on Monday evening next (12/11).


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