CLEVELAND – Ordnance Survey.

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette19/04/1890


            The staff of the Ordnance Survey is now in the Cleveland District making a fresh Survey and where the population of any Local Board district exceeds 5,000, the plans will be 10 feet to the mile. I understand that notice has been received from the Chief Officer of the Staff that as Redcar and Coatham have two separate Local Boards, they will survey will be on a smaller scale. It therefore seems a great injustice that although the two towns are practically one, but having two Authorities they are thus treated.

Whatever question is touched Amalgamation comes to the fore, and had Redcar and Coatham been amalgamated and under one authority we should have had the survey on the 10 ft. scale. Whereas the difference in the cost should the Local Authorities or Land Owners require the survey made on the larger scale would cost almost £1,000

It is too late to impress upon the Local Authorities to go hand in hand and look after the interests of the towns instead of acting separately.


Lol Hansom March 24, 2013 Cleveland