COATHAM – Convalescent Home Provisional Order Board of Trade.

Accreditation the Middlesbrough on Stockton Gazette 20/ 7/11/1868



            The notice was issued last week of intention to apply to the Board of Trade during the next sitting of Parliament for a provisional order authorising the construction of a promenade peer, landing place, etc opposite to West Terrace, Coatham, and stretching thence into the sea for a distance of about 2000 feet, in a north easterly direction, with limits on deviation laterally which may be taken to mean that the PA will be constructed somewhere within the bounds – from the west end of Marine Terrace to the eastern side of the Convalescent Home, at Coatham. As might have been expected, the issue of the above notice, which bears the signature of the clerk to the Redcar Local Board of Health, does not meet the approval of the Redcar people, especially those at the east end of the town. A provisional order was procured about three years ago for the peer opposite to the end of King Street, which would have been a boon to the tradesmen, but that project, which never had a local habitation and a name, will shortly lapse from length of time, excuses occasionally having been made that it was not commenced from the dearness of money. During the past 12 months excuses have ceased – we suppose because money was at 2%. With very few exceptions, the owners and occupiers of property benefited have contributed liberally to the cost of the splendid seawall just on the point of the completion and to which it was always supposed the “original” Redcar pier would be an important auxiliary, and their surprise now that it has turned out otherwise, is not unreasonable. To construct the pier at the point now mentioned would prevent the possibility of their investments realising the estimated increased value; it therefore behoves everyone interested to take action at once, before the order is granted. If they lose their pier a great and important attraction is lost, and the time and circumstances will never again favour them as they do now. They must remember that “the gods help those who help themselves,” and be up and doing.


Lol Hansom March 11, 2013 Coatham