COATHAM – Water Supply

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 08/04/1870.


            A deputation consisting of the following gentleman, Messrs. Mr J. Head, G. N. Duck, J. O. Purves,  W. Nelson,  J. Rutherford, Rev. J. Davey, (Grammar School), and Dr Oliver, (secretary to the deputation), waited upon the directors of the Stockton and Middlesbro’ Water Company, at their offices at, Darlington, on Wednesday (06/04), for the purpose of endeavouring to make arrangements for the supply of water to Coatham, for which the directors have parliamentary powers. They were most courteously received, and the directors evinced their desire of meeting the requirements (as to water) of the householders of Coatham; and they made a certain offer, which awaits further consideration. The deputation were then conducted by the directors to inspect their works at Conniscliffe: these are on a magnificent scale, and all appliances appeared as good as they possibly could be. The question of purity of the water was fully discussed, and the unanimous opinion of the deputation was that the means adopted for the filtration of the water were most satisfactory.


Lol Hansom July 19, 2013 Coatham