COMPETITION – Rowing Match, Redcar.

Accreditation the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette 05/07/1870.


            On Monday morning (04/07), a rowing match came off at Redcar between J. D. Burnick and J. Metcalfe in the Emma, and T. Baker and W. Burnick in the Swift, for five pounds aside. Mr Kean, Red Lion Hotel, acted as starter and on this signal being given, the Emma took the lead, but she was soon overtaken by the Swift, and on rounding the first boy, was slightly ahead. She kept up her advantage for some time, until the Emma crew put on more force, and having regained their position, remained equal until near the gaol, when she shot out and became winner by about a foot. The distance was run in 10 min a large concourse of spectators lined the beach during the race, and manifested their interest in the contest by spirited betting.

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 08/07/1870.


            Some of the principles in Monday’s (04/07) race, thinking that if the “young ones” had not been unfortunate they would have come off the victors, made another match, this time for £10 a side, and it was rowed over the same course yesterday (07/07). The day was altogether finer than on Monday, the wind being light and the sea calm, but there were not as many spectators as on Monday (04/07). The betting was at the start 3 to 1 on the young ones. At, 9.57. the signal was given to start, and the young ones in the “Swift” got the advantage, both going at a great speed. When two-and-a-half minutes had elapsed the “Swift” was a length ahead, and on rounding the first buoy, they had increased this lead to one-and-a-half lengths, the ”young ones” rowing more steadily and easily than the “old ones.” Metcalfe had the same fault as before – he lifted himself too much at each stroke. After three-and-a-half minutes the “Swift” was three lengths ahead, and when half the distance was completed, they were four – the “old ones.” rowing slowly and heavily. At seven minutes young ones five lengths ahead. Betting 10 to 1 now offered. The old ones now put on a spurt and made up considerably, but the “Swift‘s” crew always made quicker turns than their opponents, so that on rounding the second boy they gained again. They then seemed to play with the “Emma’s” crew, and when 200 yards from the goal they allowed them to come up to within a boards length, but, putting on a spurt they again increased the lead to four boats’ lengths, which when they won they had made five lengths. Time was twelve minutes, but the young ones had only rowed leisurely, and could have done it in less time: the “Emma’s” crew, however exhibited signs of distress. The victors were cheered on landing.


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