EVENT – House sale 6 Newcomen Terrace, Coatham

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 27/04/1877.


R. CALVERT, honoured with instructions from the Executors of the late J. Vaughan, Esq., Will SALE BY AUCTION, on the Premises, No. 6 Newcomen Terrace, Coatham, on TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, 8th and 9th of May, 1877, the whole of the valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, viz.:-

Drawing Room. – appointments in Walnut, comprising Settee, Couch, Ladies’ and Gentleman’s Easy Chairs, and six small Chairs, carved and upholstered in Maroon Plush; Ottoman with Needlework Cover, Fenderette with handsome Wall and Bead Work, pair of Footstools, large Inaid Cabinet with Ormolu Mountings, What-Not, handsome Pianoforte (by Tolkien), Music School, Occasional Table, Pie? Glass (plate4 feet 8 inches by 3 feet 10 inches, in Carved and Gilt frame) eight handsome Glasses and China Vases, Old China Shelves, and other Ornaments, fall Chromos in Gilt frames, very handsome Would-work Screen with Carved and Gilt frame and stand, pair of Bannerette Screens, excellent Brussels Carpet (33 yards, rich pattern with handsome border, good as new), Hearth Rug, Polished Steel Fender with Fire Irons, pair of handsome Carved and Gilt Brackets with P???n Figures, rich Gilt Window Cornice (Bay Window), with tipped Bullion Fringe, large Glass Shade, &c

Dining Room. – Mahogany Furniture, comprising large and handsome Enclosed Sideboard with plate glass back, Dining Table with extending scroll and extra leaves, Sofa, Easy Chair, and six small Chairs all in Hair Seating: Pier Glass, handsome Eight days’ Clock in massive Marble and Gold stand, pair of large China Vases, fall Oil Paintings in Gilt frames, handsome Tapestry Carpet (24 yards), Hearth Rug, Fenders, Fire Irons, Ash Pan, Coal Vase, Dinner True and Stand, &c.

Sitting Room. – Mahogany Centre Table, Embroidered Cloth Cover for do., Mahogany Turnover Table, Ballooned-backed Chairs in Hair Seating, Brass Cornice Pole, Damask Window Hangings and Shades, six Chromos and Engravings in Gilt frames, Fender and Fire Islands, carpet, Half Broke, &c.

The Contents of Four Bed Rooms, including three massive Mahogany Tudor Bedsteads with rich Damask Hangings, Gilt Window Cornices and Hangings en-suite, Iron Bedsteads, Prime Feather Beds, Spring, Flock, and Straw Mattresses, Mahogany Draws, Do. Wash Tables with Marble tops, Dressing Tables and Glasses, Chamber Services, Carpets, &c.

Hall and Staircase. – Hall Table with Marble top, Metal Hat and Umbrella Stand with Marble slab, Mahogany Do., Eight-days’ Clock in Mahogany Case, Oil Cloth, rich Brussels Stare Carpet (27 inches wide), Brass Rods &c.

           Kitchen and Storerooms. – Useful Furniture Requisites in great variety, Dinner Services and other earthenware, rich Put Glass, &c..

The Sale to commence at Twelve o’clock each day..

The whole will be open for inspection from 9 a.m. till commencement of sale.


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