EVENT – Redcar and Coatham Regatta

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea. 21/07/1876


            The sixth annual regatta took place on Monday (11/07) afternoon last. The weather was splendid Redcar pier, which is a good deal of the course was obtainable, was crowded during the whole of the proceedings. The entries were not so numerous as usual, notwithstanding this drawback some good racing was witnessed. Mr. J. G. Thompson officiated as starter, and referee, and discharged his duties in a very able manner. The Canoe Race was postponed. The following are the results of the various competitions:-
FOR SEA-GOING COBLES, to be selected by the Stewards. Three men in each boat, each pulling a pair of usual fishing oars approved by the Stewards. Distance about 2 miles.

First Prize, £5: Second, £2.10s.; Third, £1. Entrance, 5s.

John Thompson, Wm. Upton, E. Baker 1

Robert Dobson, Wm. Thornhill, Robert 2

John Wilkie, Robert Dolby, Wm. Allison 3
FOR PLEASURE BOATS selected by the Stewards, to be rowed with oars approved by the Stewards. One man in each boat. Distance 1 mile.

First Prize, £2; Second, £1; Third, 10s. Entrance; 2s.6d.

First Heat

Wm. Preston 1          Richard Dobson 0

Second Heat.

1. Wynn….rowed over.

Final heat.

Wm. Preston 1          H. Wynn 2
SWIMMING RACE for Adults, in Jersey and Trousers. Distance two hundred yards. Prize, Gold Medal, value two-and-a-half guineas. Entrance,2s.6d.

Geo. Douglas 1        A. Clark 0

FOR SQUARE-STERNED COBLES, from 25 to 26 feet overall. Distance from three to four miles. Three men in each boat.

First Prize, £5; Second, £2; Third to save Entrance Fee.
Three Boats, to start, or no second Prize will be given. Entrance 5s.

Alexandra – John Walton, Richard Dobson, T. L. Watson 1

Lady Elizabeth-  R. Picknett, T. H. Picknett, B. Robinson 2

Gentle Annie – Wm. Boagey, Jas. Thompson, Wm. Carter 3

FOR FOUR-OARED CUTTERS OR GIGS. Distance one-and-a-half miles.

First Prize, £5; Second,£2 (in Money Cups). Entrance, 5s.

Ino – J. R. Wilson, R. Wilson, J. Wilkinson, T. Wilkinson (stroke.) 1

Tees – J. Wardrop, A. West, E, W. Gibson, G. Thornborrow 2

Gem – .L. Carnac, T. Fenwick, W. R. Robson, M. F. Wilson

(stroke), F. Fenwick (Cox) 3

SWIMMING RACE for Youths under 18 years of age in Jersey and Trousers. Distance, one hundred yards.

First Prize £1; Second, 7s.6d. Entrance 1s.6d.

James Robson 1                      R. E. Bowman 2
F. R. Fenwick 0

FOR PLEASURE BOATS selected by the Stewards, to be rowed with oars approved by the Stewards. Two men in each boat. Restricted to landsmen who have never pertained, a prize. Distance one mile.

First Prize, £3; Second, £1. Entrance 4s
First Heat
Christ. Dobson, J. Preston 1 J. Affleck, J. Warrior 0
Second Heat
Robinson, H. Beachcroft 1  H. Horner, W. Robson 0
Third Heat.
Walton, R. Preston 1 A. Preston, J. Thomson 0
Fourth Heat.
Smallwood, H. Smallwood. . . . rowed over
Fifth Heat.
E. Robinson, H. Beecroft 1 Christ. Dobson, J. Preston 0
Sixth Heat.
Walton, R. Preston 1 T. and H. Smallwood 0
Final Heat.
Robinson, H. Beecroft 1 T. Walton, R. Preston 2
FOR PLEASURE BOATS selected by the Stewards to be rowed with oars approved by the Stewards. Two men in each boat. Restricted to Gentleman, Amateurs. Distance 1 mile.
Prizes, two Gold Medals, value five Guineas. Entrance 7s.6d.
Fenwick. W. Robson. . . .rowed over


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