DEATH – WALKER. James. Accident at Redcar.

Accreditation the Middlesbrough Gazette 29/08/1870.


            On Saturday afternoon, (21/08), a sad accident occurred at Coatham. A party of four-Messrs James, William, and Charles Walker (brothers), and W. Liddell went off in a small boat, and when returning the boat capsized and they were precipitated into the water. Mr C. Walker managed to get onshore and procure assistance, when two of the others were rescued. Although much exhausted they were quickly restored by the medical men in attendance—Dr Oliver and Mr T. W. S. Locke. The Messrs. Walker has been accustomed to boating from their youth, and the accident is wholly attributable to the sudden rising of the sea and the darkness of the night. The body of Mr James Walker has not been found.


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