Law and Order – Shoplifting by a domestic servant

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 22/03/1878


            At the Middlesbrough court on Friday last, (15/03), a respectable looking young woman named Mary Applegarth was brought up in custody, and charged with stealing a gold watch from the shop of Mr. Thomas Wakefield, watchmaker, Redcar, on the 13th inst.; also, a gold ring from Mr. Altson’s shop at Middlesbrough on the following day (16/03). Prisoner, who lived next door to Mr. Wakefield, in Newcomen Terrace West, Coatham, had left a watch at his shop to repair, and on going for it on the day named, was left alone in the shop for a few minutes, and took the opportunity to steal a gold watch, value £5. She went to Middlesbrough all, and offered the watch for sale to Mr. Altson’s, jeweller, but on being told that they only exchanged watches, she asked to be shown some rings, one of which she obstructed and was afterwards seen to drop it. She was given into custody, and on inquiries being be instituted it was ascertained that the watch had been stolen. A good character was given prisoner by her employer and Police Sergeant Alexander. Committed for one month’s hard labour in each case.


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