LIFEBOAT – Lifeboat Work in 1877

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea 04/01/1878.


            During the year which has just closed the lifeboats of the National Lifeboat Institution on different parts of the coasts of the United Kingdom rescued 801 lives, besides saving 35 vessels from destruction. In the same period the Life boat Institution. Grunted rewards for saving 200 lives by fishing and other boats, making a grand total of 1041 lives saved last year, mainly through its instrumentality.

Altogether since its foundation the society has contributed to the saving of 25,400 shipwreck persons, for which services it has granted 978 gold and silver medals, besides pecuniary rewards to the amount of £54,000.

The storms of last November will long be remembered for their frequency, their violence, and the noble services of the institution’s lifeboats. After performing the services some of the lifeboat’s crews returned home absolutely exhausted – in some cases, many of the men’s lives were actually despaired of for several days afterwards.

It should be mentioned that the operations of the National Lifeboat Institution now cover the whole coasts of the British Isles, and that, with the exception of a score or so of the lifeboats which belong to Harbour Trustees and other local bodies, the whole of the lifeboats of the United Kingdom belong to the National Institution. The list of services here summarised is the best claim of this institution to continued sympathy and support.


Lol Hansom January 18, 2015 Lifeboat