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Accreditation Cleveland Standard 01/04/1933

3886 Lonsdale Isabella

Councillor Mrs.


By Hugh W. Cook, Redcar.

   Councillor Mrs. Isabella Lonsdale, the ex Mayor of Redcar, and the present Deputy Mayor of the seaside borough has indeed done much for its welfare, and done it all exceedingly well.
In fact, during her many years residence in the place she has given of her very best and this has done most towards Redcar’s way of progress.
Calling upon Mrs. Lonsdale a few days ago I was able to get her views with references to the future of the popular seaside resort, and at the same time I could see for myself the wonderful amount of “spade work,” this good lady has done amongst and during this last quarter of a century.
Coming to Redcar thirty-three years ago when the population of the place was under 3,000, Mr. and Mrs. Lonsdale commenced business in the high street, where Mr. Howson, the butcher, now has his premises, and about 31 years ago they removed to more commodious premises where Messrs. Tylers now have their boot and shoe establishment. In 1914 they opened the Lonsdale Cafe, where they have carried on a very successful business since that date. Councillor Mrs. Lonsdale was on of the first members of the Cleveland Women’s Unionist Association which was founded by Lord Guisborough, of Guisborough Hall, who is the president.
During the last Great War this very enterprising Association was responsible for sending out well over one thousand parcels to our boys’ abroad. Councillor Mrs. Lonsdale did much during her four years of the war.
Mr. and Mrs. Lonsdale have taken a keen interest in “matters musical,” and were connected with a scheme which was put forward to engage a band to play on the promenade at redcar during the season, in conjunction with Saltburn,
However the two resorts did not quite “hit it off.” but later this scheme was the result of Lieut G. B. Robinson’s well known Stockton band, commencing to perform at Redcar during the season, and this continued for several years.

Supports Rustic and Attraction

   Councillor Mrs. Lonsdale is a great advocate of music for the town, and declares that we have now reached the stage where we have got to look forward towards the future of Redcar in the light of its potential appeal to visitors rather than its part of an industrial centre.
Mrs. Lonsdale emphasised to me the more of Redcar laying itself out not only for Teesside and local visitors, “but it must cater for people from the Midlands, West Riding and even further afield,” she contended.
I really do not think people (and ourselves included) fully realise the charms and natural amenities of the sands, with the fine combination of sea and rare fresh air, combined with lovely scenery around here continued the Deputy-Mayor, “but most people have got so encompassed with the state of the economy that they dare not spend much money. But we must spend, and spend wisely, if we are to go forward and attract visitors to our healthy seaside resort.
Mrs. Lonsdale avers that Redcar is not advertised sufficiently, compared with other resorts along the coast. “But before long Redcar will be more appreciated and I honestly think it has a great future before it if only we spend wisely to ensure this future,” she pointed out.
Councillor Mrs. Lonsdale had the honour of being elected to the town’s highest civic position in 1931, when she was appointed Mayor of Redcar. She was the first lady to be elected Mayor in the North-east district and during her year of office carried out all the duties in a most admirable manner full filling all engagements connected with this important office and “a hundred and one things,” as well. She is a County Councillor Lonsdale informed me that she was much in favour of a Public Hall and Museum
for Redcar, as these in her opinion would be an acquisition for the seaside resort and could also help to increase its popularity and a large hall where conferences could be held is really needed, she contended
This energetic lady was elected one of the deputation recently to visit the South East Coast resorts.
I can only speak from personal experience, that in matters such as these, other resorts are far ahead of us, so we must go ahead,” she told me.
Amongst other positions she holds are a Justice of the Peace, one of the trustees of the Redcar Infants” Welfare Clinic, and one of those instrumental for securing their premises for that worthy institution, one of the trustees of the Zetland Foundation Trust. Our worthy lady friend was elected on the first borough council in 1922, serves on the visiting committee of the North Riding Mental Hospital and has been for ten years chairman of the Redcar Fever Hospital Committee.
In conclusion I can only add my own tribute to the good work done by Councillor Mrs. Lonsdale, by trusting she will continue the excellent work she has so whole heartedly given for the town of Redcar, its inhabitants and visitors during her thirty-three years residence.




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