MILITARY – Whitsun-tide festivities

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 09/06/1876


During the Whitsun tide holidays, Redcar has been visited by large numbers of excursionists, special trains having been run from Leeds and other places. On Monday, the principal attraction was the exhibition of Captain Boyton’s life-saving apparatus from Coatham pier, by Mr. Tom Walker, who had issued a similar program to that gone through by Capt Boyton himself at Saltburn in July last. This drew but a limited number to the pier. No special attraction was provided at Redcar pier, beyond the frequent plying their to of steam-boats, and these have been well patronised during the week, as have all the pleasure-boats, etc. But the event of the week has undoubtedly Dean the encampment on the Race Course of the First Admin if Battalion of North York Rifle Volunteers. The battalion consists of ten corps, three of which are at Richmond, and the remainder at Thornton Rust (Leyburn), Bedale, Stokesley, Catterick, Northallerton, Guisborough and Skelton. The Hon. colonel of the brigade is Earl Cathcart, the Lieutenant-Colonel being J. G.Wilson, Esq., of Cliffe Hall, Northallerton. The other offices of the Brigade staff are Major Scroope, of Dundee; Major C. J. Sowerby, of Snow Hall, Darlington; Adjutant Powell (late of the 57th foot), and assistant Surgeon H.Williams, of Richmond, where the headquarters of the battalion are situated. The total strength of the brigade is 750, and this number may be 500 are encamped. The tents were pitched on Monday (05/06), by a fatigue party from each corps, and the greater part of the men were under canvas on Tuesday night (06/06). After what is generally admitted to have been a comfortable night in camp there a walk to the sound of the bugle at half-past five, had a cup of coffee and a biscuit, and paraded at six o’clock for their drill. At eight o’clock was a beat breakfast, and ten o’clock drill was resumed, and continued until one o’clock when there was a hot dinner, to which a pint of beer was allotted to each man. During the afternoon there was a couple of hours drill, and after tea, at half-past four, the men received leave until “tatoo” at ten o’clock. The proceedings yesterday were similar. They’re not been so many officers on the ground as last year, Captain Weatherill, of the 20th company (Guisborough), and Captain Yeoma of the Skelton Corps being absent on sick leave; indeed, the only offices present connected with these corps Lieutenants Scoresby Jackson and Pierson.The offices of the other corps are :-Thornton Rust:: Captain Chapman, Lieutentant Burrell, Acting Assistant Surgeon A.Baker, Hon. Assistant Surgeon Cockroft; Bedale: Captain Sir H. M. de la Berisford Pevise. Bart., Lieutenant Charles Dodsworth. Bart., Hon. Assistant Surgeon J. H. Handyside; Catterick: Captain W. C. Booth, Lieutenants J. H. Hutchinson and E. H. Harrison: Richmond: Captain- Commandant Mason, Captains J. G. and C. G. Croft, Lieutenants E. A. Knowles and J. L.Brodrick, Hon. Chaplain Rev. J. Thompson: Northallerton: Captain Foole, Lieutenant Richmond Richmond, Sergeant Henishaw, of the 84th Foot, who acted so efficiently as quarter-master at the encampment at Coatham last year, and received a testimonial as a mark of the respect in which he was held by the whole of the men, is again three-engaged. Colonel Adams, of the 4th Brigade will inspect the force today Friday (09/06), and the tents will be struck tomorrow morning.


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