PEOPLE & CHARACTER – The Marvels of Photography (Mr Hoggard)

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the Sea Gazette 08/03/1871.


            Inexhaustible as the riches of this art seems to be, the kaleidoscopic variety of pictures produced by Mr. Hoggard, of Coatham, leads to the inference that he is testing the amplitude of its resources to keep pace with the advancing test of the public. He has now completed his arrangements for practicing the Carbon process, for which he holds a licence from the Autotype Company, which will not fail to secure from the public that prompt appreciation which such zealous efforts deserve. The portraits executed at Mr. Hoggard’s establishment. We have frequently commended, but the last edition is one of the most marvellous, overcoming a difficulty which has often been pronounced insuperable, viz., that of putting an old head on to young shoulders. A remarkable instance of this, now on the artist’s easel, is a portrait of the late Mr. Watson Dixon, of Marton. The original portrait was taking in his use, and he is represented in hunting costume, mounted on his favourite horse. His friends considered the figure, attitude, and horse so excellent, that it only required the alteration which time had made in his face and head to represent him as at the clause of his life: the artist has done this, and the picture is a perfect representation of Mr. Dixon, as his friends saw him when the last in the hunting field. The portraits exhibited by Mr. Hoggard usually excite great admiration for their fidelity and artistic finish, and they are honestly worth the encomiums bestowed on them; they are not obtained by mechanical processes, but are perfected by an artist of evident talent, who is now engaged by Mr. Hoggard to photograph and print in oil or water colours life size carbon prints on canvas, or miniatures on ivory, some of which we have seen, and once more recommended the lovers of art to make another visit of inspection.


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