RAILWAY – Serious Accident

Accreditation Redcar & Saltburn News 12/02/1874


      On Saturday afternoon 6th inst, a man named Owen, employed at Redcar Coatham Ironworks, while returning from Redcar to Warrentown, met with a serious accident. He had taken the railway as the nearest cut home, and, being inebriated, proceeded between the rails. He was observed by the driver of a mineral train, who blew his whistle to alarm the trespasser. This however, was unheeded, until one of the buffers of the engine struck him, pitching him some distance off the rails. He was picked up quite insensible, with a deep gash on his forehead, and one or two broken ribs. The services of Dr. Locke were called in, who pronounced the case a very serious one. When struck with the engine he had a bottle of whiskey in his pocket, and the bottle was broken in the collision. Owen lies in a precarious state, but hopes are entertained of his recovery.


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