RAILWAY – The Saltburn – Whitby Railway Line

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 18/03/1870.


            Active exertions are being made to complete a short but useful and much-needed line railway to connect Saltburn with Whitby. The line is about 14 miles in length, and supplies a missing link in the Coast communication of the North Riding. At present Saltburn is connected by a branch with the system of the North Eastern line at Lofthouse. An Act was obtained some time ago for the construction of this line, but the time for its completion has expired, financial difficulties consequent on the late crisis having hitherto prevented it’s been made. The line for almost its entire distance runs through the properties of the Marquis of Normanby, the Earl of Zetland, and the Messrs Falmer, of Jarrow. The district is rich in valuable ironstone, which would be found of great service in the Cleveland manufacturing districts, but at present the ironstone cannot be worked, in consequence of the difficulty of getting it to the furnaces. A very strong feeling exists in favour of the line in the district through which it would pass, and a large proportion, if not the whole, of the small amount of capital required will, it is anticipated, be provided in the locality. In addition to the minutes which the line possesses for mineral traffic, it would be useful as a passenger Iine. At present passengers going from Saltburn to Whitby are obliged to make a long detour by way of Darlington. There is no doubt that the Board of Trade will grant the extension of time now sought, and if this is obtained. There is no doubt that the necessary capital will be forthcoming to complete the line.- Railway News.


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