RAILWAY – Whitby, Redcar. and Middlesbrough Union Railway Half Yearly Meeting.

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 09/04/1870


            The half yearly meeting of the proprietors of this company was held in London last week (Sir Harcourt Johnstone, Bart., M.P., in the chair). The report alluded to the difficulties which had attended the construction of the line, and to the necessity which had arisen for a change of contractor. In this emergency the directors asked the shareholders for their sanction to a petition to Parliament to suspend standing orders and to obtain additional powers for raising capital. The North Eastern engineer and several members of the board had been over the line, and were down awaiting the report of Mr Harrison, the engineer-in-chief of the North Eastern, before committing themselves to any action in the matter stop the directors expressed their confidence in the prospects and ultimate success of the line. On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Lord William Montagu Hay, the report was unanimously adopted. The Chairman move and Mr A. C. Sheriff, M.P., seconded that an application be made forthwith to Parliament for leave to introduce a bill for raising such additional capital as may be required for the completion of the railway. Mr E. Corner, of Esk Hall, Whitby, one of the retiring directors, and Mr Blundell, the retiring auditor, were re-elected. In acknowledging a vote of thanks, Sir Harcourt Johnstone, said the board, especially Mr Leeman, M.P., Mr Corner, and himself, had given their most attention to the affairs of the company, and none of them had received any renumeration.


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