REDCAR – CYCLING down the Esplanade

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 11/05/1889.



          At Monday (06/05) afternoon’s meeting of the RLB, Mr Armitage, the Surveyor, drew to the Board’s attention to an important matter which affected the town viz., the increasing amount of cycling done on the Esplanade to the great danger and annoyance of the pedestrians. The nuisance was carried out to such an extent as to keep no less than four different machine stands going on the Esplanade, with a result that the sea wall was nothing more or less than a bicycle track. He suggested that the Board should lay the matter before the County Council with a view to obtaining powers to deal with it. The Board did not see their way clear to take any action in the matter but the Surveyor was ordered to see that bells or whistles were used during the day and lamps at night.


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