1886 23 06 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 26/06/1886.



           Mr J. Thornhill Harrison, C.E., held an inquiry at the RLB, on Wednesday (23/6), on Wednesday morning on an application from that authority to borrow the sum of £4,200, to be expended in public and private improvement works. Mr R. F. Chilton (clerk), Mr John Marwood (chairman), an d the majority pf the RLB were present as were also several owners of property. The Surveyor (Mr. Armitage) produced plans and estimates showing the amount to be apportioned as follows:

          Private works – Forming Wilton, Alma, Albert, Regent, and Red Lion Streets and Wilton Place, front streets, at cost of £1,574-17s-11d; also seven back streets, the estimate for which was £406-5s-0d.

          Public Works – Flagging the south side of the Esplanade with 2 ½ cement flags, kerbing, channeling &c., and making the carriage way, at an estimated cost of £1,945: paving Lord Street with slag bricks, £170; macadamising the roadway, forming footpaths, &c., in the Upleatham portion of the High Street, £720; and laying a new line of 7in. pipes for a distance of 2 miles 7 furlongs and 54 yards, from the reservoir to the town, at a cost of £1,491-3s-4d. The various items were considered in the in which they are placed.

          The Inspector took exception to the proposal to place four inches of whinstone and four inches of slag on the Esplanade. The Surveyor said this had been out of repair for some time and they had delayed doing anything with it since they had this improvement in view. The Inspector said that that was there own fault. He thought that all it was reasonable to have a loan for was the whinstone. He should therefore cross the slag out, and reduce the total for the Esplanade to £1,600. The remainder was agreed to, and the enquiry terminated.


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