REGISTRAR – Appointment of

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-on-Sea Gazette 08/10/1878


     The fortnightly meeting of the Guisborough Board of Guardians was held on Tuesday afternoon, at the Town Hall, Guisborough. Admiral Chaloner presided. The principal matter before the Board was the appointment of a registrar of births and deaths for Marske district, in the room of the late Mr. Charles King, of Marske. The district is an important one, embracing other places Redcar, Coatham, Warrenby, Marske, New Marske, Saltburn, Skelton, Boosbeck, and Lingdale, the aggregate population being something like 20,000.
There were forty eight applicants, and the Chairman, having explained that it was necessary on the part of the guardians to fill up the vacancy that day, said there could be no doubt that there were many suitable applicants for the appointment. One gentleman, he thought, had some claim upon them, viz., Mr. E. Ellis, of Skelton, the present vaccination officer, whose present post was an un-remunerative but onerous one, and he had performed it satisfactorily for some time.
A question was raised by Mr. Boagey as to the residence of the registrar, but this was not entertained. Mr. Ellis and Mr. Farthing, of Marske, were proposed, and Mr. Ellis was eventually elected by only the casting vote of the Chairman.


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