BUILDING – Coatham Roman Catholic Church Opening.

Accreditation The Redcar & Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 10/08/1877


          This place of worship was solemnly opened on Tuesday, by the Bishop of Beverley. The building is on the West side of the town a short distance from the gasworks, and is only intended to serve as a chapel until the completion of the proposed church on the land adjoining, when it will be devoted to school uses. A house for the priest-in-charge, The Rev. E. W. Riddell, is also contemplated.

          In connection with Tuesday’s proceedings there was high mass, the musical portion of the service being ably carried out by a talented choir from Stockton, under the leadership of Mr. Foggitt. The Bishop, in the course of a brief and appropriate address, said they had met to celebrate a new spot on God’s earth, and it ought always to be a joy to the lover of God that a new spot was being dedicated to His divine service. He then referred to their object – the dissemination of truth – and he hoped they would increase in their numbers in that district.

          In the afternoon a tea party was held in the Central Hall, and was followed by a concert in the evening.


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