SHIPWRECKS & GROUNDINGS “Vine” Stranded on Redcar Rocks

Accreditation The Redcar & Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette  09/02/1877


      A Board of Trade Inquiry into the cause of the stranding of the s.s. Vine, of Hull on Redcar Rocks on the 20th inst., was opened at Middlesbrough of Saturday, and after evidence had been heard an adjournment was made until Monday, when  Mr. H. C. Rothery, Q.C., Wreck Commissioner, delivered judgement. He said that the Court thought that the master of the Vine, Alexandra Marshall, had been guilty of great negligence in the navigation of his vessel. Seeing he was ignorant of the coast and of the lights, he was to blame for not verifying his position by taking cross bearings when off Flambro’ Head at Whitby. He was also blameable for not attending more carefully to the deviations marked on the deviation card, for not making allowance for the state of the tide, and in mistaking two furnace lights for the Seaton Carew lights. They, therefore, suspended his certificate for six months, but would recommend the Board of Trade to grant him a first mate’s certificate during that time; no costs to be allowed to anyone in the case. With regard to the request of Mr. T. R. Taylor, one of the witnesses, that they would recommend that lights be placed of Redcar Rocks, they did not see their way to such a recommendation, not having sufficient facts before them. They were certain however, that if masters would navigate their vessels with such an amount of carelessness as had been displayed in the case of the Vine, no lights or any precautions that the State might take would prevent them running ashore.


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