Years 1880 to 1889

1880 Doctor Horner’s Hypo-therapy on the Esplanade was proving an important part of Redcar as a Victorian watering place, and a bracing healthy resort.
16/01/1880 A concert for the benefit of the poor of Redcar and Coatham will be given in the Centrall Hall on Monday evening (19/01)
16/01/1880 Two screw steamers the Marchioness of Londonderry and the Thornbury went aground near the Tees Estuary.
27/02/1880 Exceptionally high tide with waves reaching fourteen yards across the Esplanade.
08/08/1880. Deputation from Redcar L.B. to meet the directors of Gas Company and endeavour to arrange gas to all street lights to be paid for so much per hour.
28/10/1880 Morning of the schooner Luna got into difficulties vessel later came foul of the rocks and subsequently collided into Redcar Pier. Crew of seven saved. Note: The last occasion the lifeboat ZETLAND was launched.
14/05/1880 The Earl of Zetland appointed one of the Lords in Waiting on Her Majesty.
14/05/1880 Surgeon T. Locke, West Suffolk Militia has been, by His Royal Highness the Field Marshall Commanding-in-Chief, appointed to the medical charge of the regimental training of the East York Militia, at Beverley, from June 14th to July 10th.
08/05/1880 Redcar and Coatham Cricket Club opened their season with Thirsk Club.
21/05/1880 Whit Monday saw 7,000 people in Redcar with the beach, shops and races well attended The day was sunny with a breeze was however marred by the report of a person being drowned.
16/06/1880 The distinctive Salvation Army ladies’ bonnet’s were worn for the first time in a procession in Hackney, London East End.
14/08/1880 Cologne Cathedral was completed having being started in 1248.
24/09/1880. Lifeboat quarterly practice took place with the Burton-on-Trent put through its paces, and the crew put through a variety of movements. All went well.
11/11/1880 Australian bushranger Ned Kelly is hanged in Melbourne Goal
13/11/1880 The Redcar and Coatham Institute now 140 members. Two rooms taken over Mr Brown’s (late Webster’s) shop on (01/12) with principle London and local newspapers, magazines, public notices and forthcoming lectures where admission will be free.
27/11/1880 The committee of the Walsall Cottage Hospital have selected the Coatham Convalescent Home to which patients shall be sent by the “Sister Dora Convalescent Fund.”
27/11/1880 Operations put forward to re float schooner Luna to High Tide, Saturday (28/11).
27/11/1880 Mr. Matthew Murray, of the firm Rayner & Murray, ship brokers, Middlesbrough, has been appointed Lloyd’s agent for Middlesbrough, including the River Tees and the coast from South of Seaton to Huncliffe.
30/11/1880 Fatal Mine accident when Richard Roberts, aged 45 years, was engaged in “bearing away” stone from the face of the mine in Upleatham, a large quantity fell upon and killed him immediately.
04/12/1880 An amateur concert, similar to those given in former years, will be given to the poor of Redcar again this year.
15/01/1881 Whitby, Redcar, Middlesbrough Union Railway report 1,000 have been thrown out of work because of weather conditions. All outdoor work suspended
22/01/1881 Boat bearing initials “W.H., washed ashore near Tees mouth, between the barque “Jane” and slag bank, Also quantity of wreckage supposed to be from “Iris,” wrecked last October near there.
22/01/1881 Severe storms caused widespread disruption in country causing millions of pounds and also deaths. Locally snow still falling in Redcar, with drifts in Kirkleatham eight to nine foot deep. Most roads impassable, with train services suffering and two locomotives being used to keep services and goods trains running.
28/02/1881 Mr. Joseph Hogg who for 38 years died, and had occupied the post of Station Master position for thirty eight years
29/01/1881 Seasonal benevolence was distributed by Mr. Johnson, butcher of Coatham, when he supplied sixty quarts of capital soup to the needy and poor of Coatham and Redcar on (27/01).
01/03/1881 A passenger traveller impatient to wait for passing mineral train, pushed open the Kirkleatham side of Redcar Lane Crossing which in turn caused the Redcar side close gate to be thrown across the railway line. The passing train struck the train breaking the gate into pieces.
19/03/1881 The Directors of the Pier Company have accepted the tender of Messrs Head, Wrightson, and Co., of Stockton, to repair the damage done to it in October 1880, when the brig Luna cut it in two. It is expected the pier will be re-opened by Whitsuntide.
16/04/1881. Proposed to re-open Coatham Convalescent Home for patients Monday, 4th, April, 1881.
16/04/1881 16/04/1881. Census return for Redcar was 2,297 people.
28/04/1881 Fatal railway accident Saturday (21/04) 4.30 p.m. when the body of Wm Crown plate layer was run over and killed by a train. Accidental death was recorded by the jury.
12/05/1881 In North Africa, Tunisia becomes a French protectorate.
06/06/1881 Redcar favoured with good weather this Whitsuntide saw heavily laden special trains arriving from all points of the areas around UK. Redcar races saw 17,000 people in attendance.
11/06/1881 Two young girls of shady character, living lately in Redcar charged with uttering a counterfeit half sovereign at Redcar
13/06/1881 Local newspaper concerned about the disgraceful way in which bathing regulations are not being enforced, making an objection that both sexes are bathing in the sea within 30 yards of each other.
13/06/1881 Failure to water supply at Redcar due to working of an ironstone mine causing the ground to subside damaging pipes near to the spring head. Later repaired.
24/08/1881 Two local young men put off Redcar in small boat to fish, with the wind blowing strong from the North and the tide on the ebb, a heavy sea, were unable to return and boat became swamped. Lifeboat “Emma” launched and two men rescued.
15/10/1881 Jeeves and Wooster writer P.G. Wodehouse born. (P.G. stood for Pelham Granville)
25/10/1881 Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter and creator of Cubism, was born in Malaga, Andalusia.
26/10/1881 The Gunfight at OK Coral took place outside Tombstone, Arizona Territory., involving Wyatt Earp and his deputies, against the Clanton gang.
29/10/1881 Redcar and Coatham Institute second year in existence. Attempts being made to bring in a scheme whereby lectures from Durham University Extension Scheme would visit premises to lecture.
29/10/1881 Additional P.M. trains from Saltburn to Darlington, thus enabling passengers to travel North or South from Darlington. Winter months found that it was not possible to travel any further than Middlesbrough after 7.30pm.
21/12/1881 The annual concert was given for the benefit of the sick and infirm poor of Redcar. Food distributed at the concert
24/12/1881 A sale of furniture was held at 1 pm by Mr. Goundry, at 42, High Street, Redcar.
02/02/1882 Author James Joyce was born in Dublin. His masterpiece Ulysses was published on the same day in 1922.
24/10/1882 Actress Dame Sybil Thorndike was born in Gainsborough, Lincs.
06/01/1883 A dinner was given on this date at Mr Patterson’s Royal Hotel. About 50 toilers of the sea and their friends sat down to an excellent repast. In the chair Mr J. G. Thompson, Solicitor. After singing “God Save the Queen,” the toast “”Health and Prosperity to the Ear Zetland,” “Admiral Chaloner,” “The Fishermen and others were heartily responded to, The rest of the evening was pleasantly spent.
09/01/1883 You read it here first. 09/01/1883. Tuesday evening, Professor Marshall, D.Sc., of Owen’s College, Manchester, delivered a lecture on “Tadpoles,” to a small but attentive audience. T. H. Bell Esq., occupied the chair.
19/02/1883 19/02/1883. Redcar Local Board decided to invite tenders for cutting reservoir, pipes, trenches, leading etc following it being resolved, to accept the lease of ground by Lord Zetland for a new reservoir.
20/04/1883 North Riding declared free from Foot and Mouth Disease.
20/04/1883 Mr Smith of Swiss Cottage, Redcar, appointed by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inspector for Redcar.
05/06/1883 The first regularly scheduled Orient Express departs Paris
09/06/1883 A petition is being signed at Middlesbrough praying the Elder Brethren of Trinity House to erect a lighthouse on the eastern point of Salt Scar Rocks, Redcar. Several wrecks have occurred on this dangerous reef, the most recent being the Stonewall Jackson, which went ashore (28/05).
17/07/1883 The Hartlepool Port & Harbour Commissioners, at invitation of Mr.T.R. Taylor of Middlesbrough attended, decided to memorialise the Elder Brothers of Trinity house in favour of a proposal to erect a lighthouse, on Saltscar rocks, Redcar.
24/07/1883 Committee appointed by Elder Brethren from Trinity House, came to Redcar by the Middlesbrough Ferry. Mayor and other shipowners interested in the Harbour Scheme also attended. The committee left appearing to be support of the scheme.
12/08/1883 The last quagga (a type of zebra) died at a zoo in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
27/08/1883 Uninhabited Island of Krakatoa (or Krakatau) scene of the most powerful volcanic eruption in recorded history. Sound heard 3,000 miles away, thre 5 cubic miles of earth 50 miles into the air, created a tsunami of 120 feet. More than 36,000 people died.
22/10/1883 The Metropolitan Opera House, New York, opened with a performance of Gounod’s Faust.
17/11/1883. Owing to the possibility of two local boards amalgamating it was impracticable to presume that these committees are finished. It was therefore thought that the inhabitants should appoint another committee for the purpose of endeavouring to secure Public Pleasure Grounds for the town.
16/02/1884 The residents in Redcar informed that the work on the new water works are were fast approaching completion, and if all is well a plentiful supply of water from a new reservoir will be in early May 1884
29/02/1884 The 1st Volunteer Battalion Princess of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment will camp at Redcar on the 17th of June for eight days
03/03/1884 The Redcar Local Board (chairman) presiding Mr R. Lee when the question of appointing a resident magistrate was raised. The matter was deferred, with the Chairman remarking that it was essential one should be appointed.
03/03/1884 Surveyor reported that Gas company had tested gas burners in street lamps, burning 5 feet per hour. Mr Stead reported that was an illumination power of 15.43 candles.
03/03/1884 Mr. Brown proposed that the Redcar Board should not license any horse or pony to ride on the beach during the summer, because of numerous complaints of the danger to visitors from horse galloping. Agreed.
03/03/1884 Medical Officer reported that the sanitary conditions in Redcar was good. The death rate for the past month was 5.45. There had only been one death for the month.
03/03/1884 Chairman Redcar Board to meet York Railway directors (13/03) re improved train services for district. Suggested he should bring the question up of cheaper periodical fares to the seaside.
15/04/1884 Kirkleatham Local Board Doctor Walker reported that health in the district was generally good. The deaths for the year had been 61, which was equal to 15.25 per 1,000. There had been 129 births or a birth rate of 32.25 per 1,000.
18/04/1884 Surveyor reported that the new waterworks were practically completed through new lines. It was decided to have the water analysed and then advertised.
18/04/1884 The Medical Officer reported that the health of Redcar was good. The deaths for March were 4, and the death rate was 10.35 per 1,000.
28/04/1884. Redcar Local Board resolved to prevent nuisance caused by refuse being thrown onto sands, and it was later decided to prosecute those responsible.
01/05/1884 At a meeting of the Redcar and Coatham Tradesmen’s Vigilance Ass., held in the Central Hall (29/04), it was unanimously agreed to advertise the town in leading magazines for the month of June.
01/05/1884 A petition 6 yards in length, containing the names of nearly every householder in the town, is to be presented to the Earl of Zetland, asking for his co-operation in procuring a park for the town.
01/05/1884 The Clerk, R.L.B. stated that re the appointment of a resident magistrate he had written to Mr. E. B. Emerson, who had agreed to meet the Chairman and himself at any time.
01/05/1884 The R.L.B. agreed for a formal taking over of the new water works from the contractor. Date to be fixed.
01/05/1884 The Medical Officer reported the town was free from disease at present, and the death rate was 5.35 per thousand per annum.
01/05/1884 Two buoys to be fixed in the sea to mark out the bathing area.
01/05/1884 Notices to be given to have all boats removed off the Esplanade.
01/05/1884 The Surveyor to prepare an estimate for the flagging the footpath on the South side of the Esplanade from Moore Street to Dundas Street.
01/05/1884 A crossing be made from the Primitive Chapel to the East side of Regent Street, and a crossing from the Congregational Church to No.1 Portland Terrace.
10/05/1884 R.L.B. Lighting Committee arranged for a number of new lamps of an improved kind, and all old lamps upgraded with greater illumination along the promenade.
01/11/1884 Concern was growing by the removal of lamps on the Esplanade, and the fact that the amount on license being given to ruffians has seen damage to seats, and rowdyism.
01/11/1884 A meeting for stopping the sale of intoxicating liquors on a Sunday was held in the Central Hall Thursday (06/11), with an address by the Mayor of Middlesbrough, Dr. Hooppell, and other gentlemen.
12/11/1884 Entertainment given at the Central Hall by the world renowned Matthew’s Minstrels. 8 p.m.
25/11/1884 Evaporated milk was patented by John Meyenberg, of St. Louis, USA.
10/12/1884 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain was first published in the UK and Canada.
13/12/1884 Deputation from Redcar Local Board had interview with Hammond Electric Lighting Company. A survey of the town was taken and the Company stated that if sufficient numbers would undertake to use the light the would not object to introduce it. Private users would be supplied at 1/2 penny per hour of 20 candle power.
18/12/1884 Pupils of Miss Turner’s White House, Coatham, gave an excellent break-up entertainment evening in the Institute Hall, before a large audience of parents and friends.
03/06/1885 Groom attempting to neck collar on horse when it reared up and sprung forward. Galloped along High Street/Queen Street where it stopped on the sand hills near the Convalescent Home. Neither horse nor carriage received injury.
06/06/1885 The Band of the 4th Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry, will play on the Redcar Pier every Monday and Wednesday 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm and Saturday from 3 pm to 5 pm.
12/06/1885 R.L.B. sub committee held meeting Tuesday (08/85) and agreed to petition to Magistrates of the North Riding Petty Sessional Division, praying for them to appoint Redcar, the place for the counting of votes and declaration of the Poll for the Cleveland Parliamentary District.
17/06/1885 The statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbour.
11/07/1885 During the past week fishing parties had excellent sport large catches of whiting &c having been taken. On Monday (06/07), afternoon Mr G. M. Clay & party caught 50 Billets averaging 2 to 10 lb each.
14/071885 Two men charged with plying for hire on Redcar Sands without licence. Admitted by defendants who stated that they had applied for licenses, but had been refused on the grounds that they did not reside in Redcar but in Coatham. Fined 6d each with costs.
18/07/1885 Professor Duprez of Paris, the Greatest Conjurer of the age will perform in the Central Hall, Redcar. next Wednesday & Thursday (22/07 & 23/07). The feats which he performs are of an entirely original character and truly wonderful.
29/09/1885 Electric street trams introduced in Blackpool.
03/10/1885 Guisbrough Police Court on Tuesday (29/09) Frederick Wrightson, charged C. Massingham, James Smith, and Mark Mills, miners, with poaching on the (25/09), on land in the occupation of Mr. Wallace at Kirkleatham. Pleaded guilty sentenced to three months hard labour.
07/10/1885 Central Hall, Redcar where a string band of six performers played in front of people that had paid a moderate charge. The Company played well and the best people have heard for some time.
07/11/1885 A night School was held in the Zetland School, Redcar, every Tuesday and Friday each week.
11/10/1885 Football The first Redcar 11 played Middlesbrough Club on the Cricket Field, Coatham, and the 2nd eleven played Middlesbrough Swifts at Middlesbrough.
02/01/1886. Redcar and Middlesbrough were drawn together in the fifth round of the English Challenge Cup
05/01/1886 Guisbrough Union Pauper Statistics revealed at the Guardians meeting, the workhouse master reported during the past fortnight to have been 133.8 against 146.3 last year. 14 Vagrants had been relieved aginst 39 last year. He also reported that the number of vagrants relieved in 1882, previous to the passing of the new Vagrant Act was 4,259; in 1883, 2013; in 1884, 1400; and in 1885, 1212, being a total decrease during the three years of 3,047.
29/01/1886 Karl Benz patents the first successful gasoline-driven automobile.
06/03/1886 The Royal Humane Society awarded its medal to E. F. Pallister of Redcar, eleven years of age, who pluckily attempted to save the life of another lad named R. Robson, who was drowned sliding on a pond near Redcar in January last.
09/01/1886 Mr G. R. Kirwan, B.A., of St Catherine’s College, Cambridge, appointed assistant-master at Coatham Grammar School.
06/03/1886 Snow reported to be four and five feet deep with Redcar Lane giving 50 men employment cutting through the snow blocked road. Kirkleatham Road and streets impassable, though snow ploughs were making a difference. Railway line blocked both ways and trains delayed.
14/04/1886 A number of gentlemen met at the house of Mr. G. M. Clay, Red Lion Hotel, to take steps for the formation of a Dog, Flower and Vegetable Show, Unanimously agreed that a show would be held on Friday, 13th, August, 1886.
19/04/1886 R.L.B. decided to write to the Registrar General to have a Registrar appointed for Redcar and Coatham
19/04/1886 19/04/1886. R.L.B. decided to flag the Redcar portion of the street in Upleatham.
19/04/1886 Dr. Bennett, Medical Officer reported sanitary condition in Redcar was good. Fourth deaths were reported in march equal to a death rate of 10.025 per 1,000.
22/05/1886 The Redcar Dog and Horticultural Show, would appeared to have received a large amount of support, which hopefully in return maybe a great success, should the weather be favourable.
29/05/1886 First concert given by Sir William Turner’s School on (27/05) by glee Club of the School. Singing of Miss Neasham enthusiastically applauded, but the refusal of an encore caused great disappointment. The standard of entertainment by to the artists was greatly admired by an ordinance being largely of the elite of the district.
30/05/1886 Queens Birthday celebrated by 1st N.Y.A.V with competition from Redcar Battery. 450 Competitors arrived by special train to Redcar, and parade through town was stopped and general salute to “God Save The Queen” by the band of the brigade. Three cheers given for the Queen.
12/06/1886 Gas Examiner reported illuminating power was 16.60 candles
12/06/1886 Estimates for remaking of the East end of the High Street were approved.
12/06/1886 N.E.R. Company stated willingness to meet request of RLB to remedy approach to railway station and provide better lavatory accommodation.
12/06/1886 Several applications were made to the R.L.B. for show and shooting galleries to stand on the beach, all of which were refused.
12/06/1886 A number of licenses were granted for boats and boatmen. Notice was given to rescind the resolution passed last year limiting the granting of licences to boatmen residing in Redcar only.
12/06/1886 Letter read to R.L.B sent by Secretary of Trades men’s Vigilance Ass, to erect a number of seats for the convenience of visitors and others, in Redcar Lane. Request was granted.
28/06/1886 4th Battalion Durham Light Infantry arrived Redcar by special train for 1 months training on racecourse. Men marched from station to camp with band of regiment playing “Far away.” A large crowd followed them to the camp.
28/06/1886 The Statue of Liberty was dedicated by President Grover Cleveland as a monument to democracy. French paid for statue, the Americans the pedestal. Designed by Auguste Bartholdi and took 9 years.
03/07/1886 On Monday night (29/06) 4th Battalion D.L.I. arrived by special train at Redcar for 4 months training on the race course under the command of Colonel Allison. The men marched from the railway station to the race course to the band playing “Far away.”
05/07/1886 Dr. Bennett reported that the health of Redcar residents was good and that the death rate in June was 2. The death rate was given as 9.25 per 1,000 for the year. Entire absence of zymotic diseases.
05/07/1886 The Board again refused to rescind the resolution which prevents John Gilligan, a boatman living a few yards outside the district from having a license.
05/07/1886 The Surveyor suggested that the streets of Redcar should be watered from three to nine a.m. so as not to lessen the water supply in the day-time. He also stated that placed six seats in Redcar Lane.
05/07/1886 The R.L.B. again refused to rescind the resolution which prevents John Gilligan, s boatman living a few yards out of the district, from having a licence. Seven members voted 2 For 2 against 3 including the Chairman did not vote at all.
05/07/1886 A new general district rate of 2 shillings in the pound and a special rate of 9d signed, and the seal of the Board affixed to it.
11/07/1886 Old Trafford became the second English test cricket ground after The Oval, when it hosted the first test between England and Australia.
15/07/1886 A Grand Military Concert was given by the 4th Durham Light Infantry the proceeds being to the soldiers home to defray its expenses.
08/09/1886 Siegfried Sassoon First World War poet, was born in Brenchley, Kent.
14/09/1886 The typewriter ribbon was patented by George Anderson of Memphis. Tennessee.
01/10/1886 Kirkleatham Local Board levied a rate of 1 shilling in the pound the half year ending 25th March. Increase of 3 pence over rate during previous half year by out lay for salt water scheme.
04/10/1886 The Medical Officer reported a death rate of 29.40 per 1,000. This high rate was attributed to unavoidable causes and premature births.
04/10/1886 The Surveyor reported that the foot-way outside the Police Station had not been carried out in accordance to the notice given to the police authorities. It was decided to approach Mr Stead to the matter, pointing out the divergence.
04/10/1886 Not very healthy 04/10/1886. A letter from Mr. Douglas Charlton. of Scarborough was written to the Chairman complaining of the almost nude condition of bathers at Redcar, and that the Board should introduce a bye-law compelling bathing machine keepers to provide a regulation costume for bathers.
28/10/1886 Statue of Liberty, USA, dedicated.
06/11/1886 Surveyor complained of nuisance caused in High Street by Messrs W. Smith placing boxes on road and hanging a flag from the window on a pole. It was ordered that the Police summons the company following an incident recently where a horse bolted in fright from the flag, nearly running over passers by.
06/11/1886 Letter received form Mr Robert Allison, Battery Cottage, Redcar, complaining of a nuisance from a pig stye adjoining his house. The Clerk was instructed to serve those concerned with a notice to abate same.
06/11/1886 The Surveyor ordered to invite tenders for the making of the new line of pipes from Church Street, Redcar to Sandy Lane.
16/11/1886 Accident Railway station when a Henry Allen travelled from Eston Grange to Redcar without a ticket. On getting out of the train on the wrong side whilst in motion he fell under the wheels, which caused both of his legs to be amputated.
09/12/1886. In a down pour of rain Messrs Walker and Son sold by auction the wreck and stores of the brigantine “Elizabeth” of Feversham. Considering the state of the weather good prices were realized.
01/01/1887 A gigantic petition to the Queen is in course of signature by sea-faring men praying that in the Jubilee year of her reign, harbours of refuge may be inaugurated for their safety in times of storm and danger, and to prevent the occurrence of shipwrecks. Copies of the form may be had by those wishing to sign on writing to the National Refuge of Harbours Society, 17, Parliament Street, London.
03//01/1887 Redcar & Coatham Institute, Institute Hall, Station Road – Mr, Stead exhibited some large photographs, and Dr Stainthorpe of Kirkleatham explained the various processes of photography. Dancing also took place from 8 to 12 o’ clock to the strains of Amer’s Band of Newcastle.
08/01/1887 Estate approved, and the tenants agreed to, a revaluation of their farms made by the agent, Mr. James Rutherford. The reduction was allowed half yearly to take effect for the current year, instead of the allowance of 15 per cent hitherto made. First payments of the new rents was made at a recent audit.
10/01/1887 Dr. Bennett reported the health of the district good. One death during the previous month, and the death rate being 4.8 per 1000.
10/01/1887 Surveyor reported that work on the new water pipeline was slow due to the bad weather and further subsidence in Tockett’s Wood.
21/01/1887 A special meeting (being held re another matter) but a tender from Mr. Jas. Patton was accepted for improvements on the Esplanade.
01/02/1887 Work commenced with improvements on the Esplanade plus a new water pipes.
05/02/1887 The laying of a new line of water pipes from Fell Brigg to Redcar successfully completed.
23/02/1887 Meeting in the Zetland Infant School to consider the re-arranging and re-fitting of St. Peter’s Church.
24/03/1887 Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, US silent film comedian, was born. In 1921 he was involved in a sex scandal that ruined his career.
18/04/1887 A runaway horse bolted along the High Street attached to a wagon carrying salt when started, but when finished was attached to nothing, the wagon coming into contact with a lamppost, being smashed to pieces. Animal no worse and no injuries to pedestrians or other traffic.
23/04/1887 First meeting of the new board was held (18/04) at which Messrs Carter, Hill, Hood and Pybus, were asked to sign the declaration. On being done the Returning Officer declared them duly elected.
23/04/1887 Medical Officer reported a death rate of 14.34 per 1,000, with the district being free from infection.
23/04/1887 It was reported that the south side of the Esplanade was fast approaching completion. The flagging and the road work could be finished by Whitsuntide, for visitors.
14/05/1887 It was reported that a golf club for Redcar had been formed at Redcar with Mr. T. E. Ridley as president and Mr. J. W. Kyle as secretary
14/05/1987 Hollywood film star Rita Hayworth died at the age of 68.
30/05/1887 First Summer Meeting Redcar Racecourse Monday (30/06) when thousands turned out to enjoy their Whitsuntide Racing. Similar crowds visited on Tuesday the next day and the weather was simply perfect.
01/06/1887 Redcar and Coatham boards sat and decided that the Jubilee be observed and children and old people, and that committee’s with laymen and various ministers be set up for obtaining subscriptions to the event.
11/06/1887 Medical Officer reported only one death equal to 4.3 per 1,000 per annum.
11/06/1886. Finance Committee recommended a district rate of 2 shillings in the pound, and a special district rate of 1 shilling in the pound.
14/06/1887 Mr. George Hearse, Station Hotel, Redcar, applied on behalf of himself and 17 other innkeepers in Redcar and Guisbrough, for an extension of hours on (21/06) on the occasion of the Jubilee. Granted 2 hours.
11/06/1887 A letter was read out from the Government Local Board stating that they did not think it expedient to cause an inquiry into the amalgamating of Coatham and Redcar Boards.
18/06/1887. On last Tuesday morning (14/06) Guisbrough Police Court heard application from Mr. George Hearse, Station Hotel, Redcar on behalf of himself and seventeen other inn keepers in Redcar & Cleveland for an extension of time (Jubilee Day) Magistrates granted 2 hours.
07/07/1887 R.L.B. The Chairman and Mr. Sotheran were deputed to arrange with Mr. Benjamin Robinson for the taking of his field adjoining the cemetery in Redcar Lane before 23rd inst and also purchase the buildings standing there-on if a suitable price could be arranged.
07/07/1887 R.L.B. requested Redcar Gas Board to fit two new gas lamps in Princess Place and one on Regent Street, plus all the piping.
06/09/1887 Wm. Thompson charged Guisbrough Court with plying for hire as a boatman without a license. Fined 1 shilling and 12s.6d costs.
14/09/1887 Redcar Pier band performances will terminate (15/09) for this season.
26/09/1887 The birth of Sir Barnes Wallace inventor of the ‘bouncing bomb’. World War II.
07/10/1887 R.L.B. The Medical Officer reported 4 births rate 19 per thousand and 4 deaths 19 per thousand per annum.
08/10/1887 Up to August,1884, all open fishing boats, when under way at night, were not compelled to display side light, but on approach of other vessels were to show red. By order in Council 1884 open boats exceeding 20 tons to have fixed side lights. Quarter or half deck boats are open boats. Open fis boats less than 20 tons excused from exhibiting side light but not in respect of anchor lights.
10/10/1887 Surveyor reported work of laying pipes was slow owing to weather. 3,000 feet laid, plus further subsidence at Tocketts Wood.
10/10/1887 Surveyor appointed Inspector of Dairies, and it was ordered that all milk sellers be registered.
10/10/1887 R.L.B. Memorial received from ratepayers to receive deputation from ratepayers on the subject of Amalgamation with Kirkleatham. Mr. Lee objected to receive deputation but R.L.B. resolved that they should be received at next meeting.
15/10/1887 Police Court Wm. Thompson was charged with plying for hire as a boatman without a licence having been seen with his son taking people ou to sea in boats without a licence. Fined 10s with 12s.6d costs.
15/10/1887 Notwithstanding a violent gale had been raging along the N.E. Coast throughout the last few days, no shipping casualties were reported, although several vessels ran for port for shelter (13/10).
15/10/1887 Meeting of Marske Rural Sanitary Committee reported 50 per cent of the infants attending the schools at Marske were suffering from measles, and one third of the children in the mixed school were also suffering from the same disease. Both schools closed for a month.
01/11/1887 The birth of British painter L.S. Lowery.
07/11/1887 R.L.B. from the Redcar Burial Board requesting for them to lay down surface water pipes from the cemetery in Redcar Lane to the railway crossing, and also for the formation of a footpath from Lord Street to the cemetery. Surveyor to carry out work when convenient.
19/11/1887 Redcar Cricket Club were favoured with a profitable balance sheet at a meeting to be held in the Lobster Hotel (23/11/) closing with a dinner on the next evening ((24/11).
23/11/1887 Boris Karloff actor best known for horror roles born in London.
01/01/1888 Medical Officer reported 2 cases scarlatina in Wilton Street in December 1887. Town now healthy and free from fever.
01/01/1888. Gas Company informed R.L.B. stated that they could not reduce the price of to 3s per 1,000 feet, despite a deputation to their premises.
01/01/1888 It was proposed and seconded by R.L.B. that notice be given to owners of boats lying on the Esplanade be removed if they were not in use during the winter. Unanimous agreed.
01/01/0888 R.L.B. agreed to issue summonses against all on the list with arrears of rates. The list was somewhat larger than usual.
01/01/1888 Hackney Carriage Licences issued now instead of Marsh 25th to correspond with issue of Inland Revenue licenses.
27/01/1888 The National Geographic Society was founded is Washington, D.C.
06/02/1888 R.L.B. Case of overcrowding, where man and wife, and 5 children were living in two small rooms. Clerk instructed to give notice to abate the nuisance immediately.
14/02/1888 St Peter’s Parish Church held a church tea in the Central Hall, Redcar, with up to 40 ladies presiding over tables and serving between 500 and 600 people, supplied by Mr. J. Dove. The money taken went towards providing new gates for the church. Tea followed by entertainment.
1888 2nd Durham Rifle Volunteers will go into camp on the Race Course on 25th August, 1888 with the total strength of the battalion including officers about 750. 700 will be under canvas.
05/03/1888 Medical Officer reported the town in good health, and also pointed out defects in houses in Fisherman’s Square, and one in Lord Street which the board gave notice to the owners. Death rate was 5.2 per 1000 and birth rate 15.6
31/03/1888 His Grace the Archbishop of York is to formally re-open St. Peter’s Church, Redcar Friday, 6th April, and also unveil the stained glass window about to be erected in memory of Rev. William Milburn.
21/04/1888 The Surveyor was instructed to let the sand leading from the Esplanade by tender; also to serve notice on Robert Skinner to abate a nuisance arising from his baths having direct communication with the sewer.
05/05/1888 Thomas Hartgrove charged with allowing horses to stray on the highway after being frequently warned regarding the offence. Complaints were daily. The Magistrates decided to fine him 5shilling for each horse (4) and ordered him to pay costs.
08/05/1888 Meeting held at the Observatory Hall, Redcar for the purpose of devising means to make the place more attractive to visitors during the summer months. Surgeon Major Locke was in the chair. Following discussions it was decided to hold a series of promenade concerts.
16/08/1888 TE Lawrence – Lawrence of Arabia was born in Tremadoc, Caernarvonshire.
31/08/1888 Mary Ann “Polly” Nichols became first victim of Jack the Ripper.
12/09/1888 French actor Maurice Chevalier was born.
25/09/1888. Adjourned Brewster Sessions for the division of Langbaurgh Christopher Boagey, 11, Milbank Terrace refused application to sell wines and spirits off the premises due to his application not being placed on the church doors.
27/09/1888 The Central News Agency in London received a letter which began “Dear Boss, I keep on hearing the police have caught me, but they won’t fix me just yet.” It was signed Jack the Ripper, the first time the name had been used.
06/10/1888 The Medical Officer for R.L.B. reported that he had condemned some houses in Lord Street, and notices had been served on the owners to have the properties to put them in sanitary condition.
06/10/1888. R.L.B. by a majority of vote of 2 decided to sue the Redcar Pier Company for water supplied for public convenience during last 3 years. Since the pier was constructed 14 years ago no such charge has been made.
06/10/1888 Surveyor complained that people wheeled barrows over footpaths recently made. Notices were ordered to be issued and offenders prosecuted,
13/10/1888 Information was received that a well-known and enterprising gentleman of the district was endeavouring to form a company for the purpose of purchasing the interests of the Redcar Pier Company, the Central Hall, and Mr. Bennington’s Gardens for the purpose of amusement during the season.
13/10/1888 It would appear that there is every probability the the amalgamation of Redcar and Coatham will be made one when the new County Councils get into working order.
25/10/1888 On Thursday (25/10) afternoon, the First Lord of the Treasury, The Right Hon. W. H. Smith, M.P. formally opened the South Gare Breakwater at the mouth of the river Tees.
05/11/1888 R.L.B. the surveyor reported a landslip near the beck in a field near to Dumps Wood, which bared the water main for twenty four yards No damage to water main, and supports fitted and when shrinkage of ground takes place examination would take place.
08/11/1888 Jack the Ripper’s fifth and possibly his last victim, Mary Jane Kelly, found on her bed.
23/11/1888 Harpo Marx, the Marx Brother who never spoke on screen was born in New York.
08/12/1888 The Medical Officer (Dr. Stainthorpe) reported that since the last meeting of the Board cases of scarlet fever in three houses had been notified, all withing a week following the meeting. No spread of the disease had occurred during the last three weeks.
08/12/1888 The cottage in Dixon’s Yard occupied by Allen Picknett was so damp as to be entirely unfit for habitation. Notice to put the premises under repair were issued.
08/12/1888 Five births were reported and three deaths were registered during the past month giving a birth rate of 24 and a death rate of 14.4 persons out of 1,000 per annum
23/12/1888 Vincent Van Gogh, suffering severe depression which historians claim was increased by his companion Gauguin’s decision to leave their lodgings at Aries to escape winter, cut off his ear.
1889 Convalescent Home – Annex opened.
1889 Sir William Turner Grammar School built. (Previously at Kirkleatham).
1889 Sea wall built – 12 seats situated at roadside.
12/01/1889. R.L.B. Dr. Stainthorpe reported that the health of the district was good. The birth rate for December being 36, and the death rate 14.4 per 1000.
12/01/1889 Surveyor stated that the water spring head was in a bad condition, and he was ordered to get it made safe as soon as possible.
12/01/1889 With regard to a nuisance on Mr. Blatherwick’s premises, the Surveyor was asked to see him and inform him that if the nuisance was not abated he would be summoned.
09/02/1889 With reference previous meeting Mr. Blatherwick, he was summonsed to Guisbrough Court, having neglected to comply to the orders.
09/02/1889 The Surveyor reported that he had constructed a temporary puddle wall at the reservoir, which had prevented any waste of water.
09/02/1889. R.L.B. approved a plan submitted by Lord Zetland’s Architect, for an additional large classroom which they intend to erect at the south end of the existing buildings.
02/03/1889 Guisbrough Police Court, Mr Blatherwick of Redcar was given an order for the abatement of nuisance from his Lord Street property within a month.
23/03/1889 R.N.L.I. introduce bill to Parliament to amend the Removal of wrecks Act, 18877. It provides for the removal of all wrecks on or near coasts of the U.K. whether in navigable waters or not, which may prove a danger to lifeboats. The bill is well backed by all parties.
30/03/1889 Wednesday (27/03) at the Station Hotel by auction Poona Villa, Coatham a leasehold resident; also freehold premises known as Cleasby’s Four and Saw Mill, Redcar. Large company present but neither of the reserve prices were met, properties withdrawn.
31/03/1889 The Eiffel Tower, Paris is officially opened.
06/04/1889 Surgeon-Major Locks, of the 3rd Suffolk Regiment and M.M. staff, having completed 20 years service as a militia medical officer, is now granted, by permission of H.R.H. the Commander-in-Chief, the honorary rank of lieutenant-colonel.
24/06/1889 Mr. C. William held a sale at Kirkleatham Hall under instructions from Mr C. Trotter, of horses, carriages, pigs, poultry, hay, &c. A large attendance. and excellent prices were obtained except for the hay, which did not realise market value.
08/071889 The first issue of the ‘ Wall Street Journal’ is published ‘.
09/07/1869 A pew was to be let or sold in a local church in Redcar according to a press advertisement.
09/07/1869 Over 200 men of the North Yorkshire Rifle Volunteers attended Redcar for battalion drill at Redcar.
09/07/1869 Following a complaint of lack of seating along the promenade twelve chairs each six feet long were purchased. as soon as possible.
09/07/1869 Agreed for the necessity of providing a cemetery for Redcar, as the present churchyard will not contain above 200 more bodies.
16&17/07/1869 A Grand Concert Cricket Match was held on these days between an all England 11 and 22 of Redcar and Coatham Cricketers Club. All England11 it was their first visit to the area. Played on Coatham Ground.
16/07/1869 Body of male in advanced stage of decomposition picked up by a coble off East Scar. Believed to be one of crew of the fishing boat “Datton Lass” of Hartlepool, which was wrecked off Saltburn on 16th inst ultimo, when three of the crew were drowned.
01/08/1869 The formal opening of the Cleveland Grammar School took place with a service in the school room and at 12.30 a luncheon in the dining room at 1pm.
05/08/1889 During the last month the surveyor reported that several persons had been run into, not only crossing the Esplanade, but whilst sat on the seats. He suggested that the Board petition the County Council, and local M.P. Mr. H. F. Pease with a view to remedy this growing nuisance. This was agreed.
06/08/1889 Savoy Hotel opened in London after almost 5 years of construction. Built by Richard D’Oyly Carte on land near the Savoy Theatre.
07/09/1889 The Redcar Local Board met and heard from a letter by Hon. J.C. Dundas stating that the Board should exercise its powers in relation to the nuisance caused by cycles i.e. their speed, no lights and no bells.
07/09/1889 Redcar & Coatham Musical Society held their annual General Meeting in the Presbyterian School-room.
07/09/1989 The death rate for the past half year was reported to be 12 per 1,000, and the birth rate at 26.4 per 1,000.
14/09/1889 The Redcar Fanciers association held their second annual show in the Central Hall, Redcar.
22/09/1889 “Marine” Lodge, Redcar, of the National United Order of Free Gardeners, held a Church Parade at St. Peters Church, Redcar
23/09/1889 Wilkie Collins, B.08/01/1824, English novelist and pioneer of detective fiction (The Woman In White, The Moonstone) died in London.
19/11/1889 Teachers and scholars of Zetland Infants’ School, presented to Miss Hockins who was leaving the school, an inkstand, blotting book, and a pearl paper knife and pen holder.


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