1874 01 09 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 09/01/1874.


            The usual monthly meeting of the above Boat was held on Monday, (05/01), at the Boardroom, West Terrace, Redcar. Mr. E. W. Lennard was Chairman. There were also present. Messrs. Coulson, Harrison, Johnson, Watson, J. G. Thompson (clerk), and D. D. Bookless (surveyor). The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

            The Clerk read a letter received by Mr. H. Thompson, of Coatham, from the secretary of the local branch of the National Lifeboat Institution, respecting the removal of the ancient roadway from the Lifeboat House to the beach. The Clerk was authorised to inform Mr. Thompson that, without recognising their liability in anyway, the Board would be glad to meet a deputation from the lifeboat institution with respect to the matter at any time.

            A letter was read from Mr. Richardson, of Ings farm, relative to his procuring a supply of water from the mains of the Local Board, and inquiring whether, the Board would undertake to get water from the Cleveland Water Company. The Clerk was requested to inform Mr. Richardson that the Lord are not in a position to supply him with water.

            The Board next considered the complaints made by the Surveyor against Thomas and William Blatherwick, the former having partly converted an old stable adjoining the Stockton Hotel yard into a dwelling house, and the latter having directed a wooden shed between Lord Street and St. Peter’s parsonage, neither of them having submitted plans for the approval of the Board. On the motion of Mr. Harrison, seconded by Mr. Johnston, it was resolved that the Messrs. Blatherwick be summoned before the magistrates at Guisborough for contravention of the bylaws.

            The Surveyor reported that on the 5th ult. he went to inspect the cottages and the workshop in Alma Parade erected by Mr. William Chappell, and found two of the cottages occupied, in contravention of the bylaws, which required that a certificate be given by the Surveyor that they are fit for habitation before any houses are occupied. He also found that the store under the workshop was being converted into a stable. It was proposed and seconded that Mr. Chappell be summoned for the offence against the bylaws; but Mr Watson proposed an amendment to the effect that bills the issue containing the regulations as to building, and cautioning builders that in future the bylaws as to the certificate being obtained from the Surveyor before any property is occupied will be strictly carried out, and legal proceedings taken against parties offending. The amendment was carried. With respect to the stable, it is not thought advisable to move in the matter until the deviations from the approved plans were completed.

            The Surveyor’s report, relative to the water supply, in which he called attention to the deficiency of water in the streets at the back of Lord Street.

            He also submitted an estimate of the cost of laying a 4 inch pipe from West End to Marske Way, and for covering in the present reservoir, and erected a new one. The report was received over with consideration of it was deferred until the next meeting.

            The Clerk was directed to write to the Local Government Board, four pounds to 4 for £700, on mortgage of the General District Rate, to defray the cost of alterations and additions to the permanent works.

            Plan of dwelling house, shop, and bake house, intended to be erected by Mr. P. Wallace, at the corner of the Red Lions Street and Lord Street, was approved.

            Plan of alteration to the Hydropathic Establishment, in Graffenberg Street, for Mr. H. Poole, was also approved. The board then separated.


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