BUILDING – New Wesleyan Chapel & Schools, Redcar & Coatham.

Accreditation the Middlesbro’ and Stockton Gazette 08/05/1868


            The population of Redcar and Coatham having much increased during the last few years, has rendered the present Wesleyan Chapel insufficient for the ones of the resident population, and we are glad to learn that that a renewed effort is being made to raise the necessary funds for the new Chapel, schoolroom, classroom, and minister’s house. A lot of ground in one the best positions in the town was purchased by the Trustees three years ago, but hitherto the erection has been delayed for want of the necessary funds. About £400 has been subscribed by the local society and congregation, and they now appeal to the visitors and friends of watering places for additional help. The Manchester Chapel Committee have promised £200 from the connexion funds on condition that three-fourths of the proposed outlay Israelis, and £500 is now required to place the trustees in a satisfactory position. The total estimated cost is £1600 and the direction of the Chapel will be commenced this year if the £500 deficiency can be raised.


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